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deprive of voting rights


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He gave these remarks during the course of hearing of suo moto notice case of disenfranchising women voters in by polls here Monday, say media reports.
When frustrated voters reported the failure of Ohio election officials to provide absentee ballots thereby disenfranchising thousands of citizens, Election Protection immediately filed litigation allowing Ohio voters to cast provisional ballots on Election Day.
The Democrats still support the policies that have been disenfranchising nonconformists for the past 34 years.
In Mississippi, the convention of 1890 replaced laws disenfranchising all convicts with laws disenfranchising only people convicted of the crimes blacks were supposedly more likely to commit.
Marc Mauer, assistant director of the Sentencing Project and co-author of the voting report, likens the practice of disenfranchising felons to Jim Crow literacy tests and poll taxes.
Companies must get beyond the fear of disenfranchising agents and brokers to sell insurance directly.
This shift, without disenfranchising its existing customer base, is intended to raise top line revenues by $650 million by the same 2008 target date.
We are disenfranchising the victims of the war on drugs.