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deprived of the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote

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The aspirations of the very poor and disenfranchised in America will continue to overlap with the struggles and hopes of the impoverished masses of the Muslim Third World, who will in turn continue to look towards African Americans for inspiration and help.
Meantime, the court has cavalierly sent packing actually disenfranchised populations seeking its help.
We might not agree with every personal choice Garcia made during the "long strange trip," but one cannot deny his role as a beacon for many disenfranchised youth looking for authentic peace, love, tolerance, and unabashed joy of life.
Having spent so much time, energy, and money (the argument goes) on the problems of the homeless, the indigent, the disenfranchised, the malnourished, and others, Americans are now unable to respond with the extravagant charity they displayed in the past.
Here was a salute from a disenfranchised and disinherited people to the leader of a still poor but no longer disenfranchised people, a people who had shown that it was possible to win
The great-grandson of a slave (after whom he was named), "Thoroughgood" Marshall was born in 1908 into an insular world where blacks were disenfranchised and despised and compulsory segregation was the law of the land.
However, there are concerns that many Ron Paul delegates to the Missouri Republican State Convention were disenfranchised and not properly seated.
It is unfortunate that so many voters have already been disenfranchised due to the confusion caused by this unconstitutional attack on voting rights.
A simple proviso could ensure that no student is disenfranchised and we are pursuing this end.
The rose that grew from concrete; teaching and learning with disenfranchised youth.
Gerrymandering is the cause, as the same politicians who supposedly don't want to disenfranchise presidential voters have already disenfranchised voters in House and state elections.
As an older gay man, I have found myself becoming disenfranchised from your magazine.
In that last election, I know the Scots felt disenfranchised, but I think the rest of us felt disenfranchised.
The move comes after legislation changes have left thousands disenfranchised - a situation blasted as unfair and undemocratic by two city politicians.
In its report to the Commission, the Florida SAC independently estimates that the total number of persons in the state disenfranchised from voting ranges from 600,000 to 1.