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Synonyms for disencumber

to free from or cast out something objectionable or undesirable

Synonyms for disencumber

release from entanglement of difficulty

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7), a place where the 'well-ordered police state', disencumbered from Muscovite traditions, could be constructed.
30) Because sacrifice does not go far enough, the Jim Crow South and white America in general can exploit sacrifice as a means by which to surmount the US democratic ideology of equality among men and create the essential, racially exclusive image of the "American" disencumbered of its inherent contradictions.
Ignoring the element of time and the virtuous son's past or his future, she mistakenly distinguishes David's and Barzillai's sons exclusively on the basis of matter and form, claiming that Absalom is "grounded in maternal earth" (281), while the latter's soul is "free of matter" (280), based on the line that describes Barzillai's son rising to heaven: "Now, free from Earth, thy disencumbered Soul / Mounts up" (850-51).
Garrison and Noreen have disencumbered certain matters that are better covered in other courses (such as accelerated depreciation methods in the arena of tax), and combined two chapters--on capital budgeting decisions and on income taxes in capital budgeting decisions.
Francis Paul Prucha, in his book American Indian Policy in the Formative Years, writes, "It cannot be denied that the land greed of the whites forced the Indians westward and that behind the removal policy was the desire of eastern whites for Indian lands and the wish of eastern states to be disencumbered of the embarrassment of independent groups of aborigines within their boundaries.
Those who promote this point of view argue that if we could only make nomenclature stable, not only would communication about taxa proceed in a more harmonious fashion but the taxonomic enterprise itself would be disencumbered of the Linnaean nomenclatural albatross that has long hung around its neck.
After years of being hamstrung by outmoded output deals, the Lion has disencumbered its library in most foreign territories and is beginning to see sizable revenue growth.
If anything, this case cuts radically against the result in Octagon Gas, because it indicates that a proceeds-only assignment is disencumbered by the bankruptcy petition.
Beneath the retained 1930s glazed ceiling, the Atrium has been disencumbered of the grand staircase and other additions, to provide clear south facing views to the eye-catching elevation of Ibos and Vitart's new building.
If books could be cataloged by season, Wittgenstein's Ladder would be a summer: clear, temperate, disencumbered of hibernal rigors, undisturbed by stormy skies.
Continuing dissection of the hypocrisy, inhumanity, greed, and savagery of our age is never totally disencumbered of the pathos of idealistic dreams, of a spiteful resentment against an age in which hopes and aspirations and the need for selfhood are almost casually destroyed.
11) Yet even disencumbered of such illusions, Monette continues to find worth in the connection.
This disencumbered self exhibits a species of self-possession that characterizes the Bohemian.
Now, free from Earth, thy disencumbered Soul Mounts up, and leaves behind the Clouds and Starry Pole From thence thy kindred legions mayst thou bring To aid the guardian Angel of thy King.