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Synonyms for disencumber

to free from or cast out something objectionable or undesirable

Synonyms for disencumber

release from entanglement of difficulty

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When cough is ineffective, therapeutic modalities are used to disencumber the lungs by clearing secretions from the smallest, most peripheral airways [7] to improve pulmonary function and improve prospects for weaning.
According to company officials, their corporation was being divested flora a larger parent organization, and this was the perfect opportunity for them to disencumber themselves flora the former notified body.
Since the 2002 elections, Prime Minister Erdogan and his entourage have rigorously tried to disencumber the AKP from its perceived religious image by reiterating their dedication to democracy and secularism, yet the developments in March and April of 2007 indicate that there is more to be done.
Eliot tries to minimize this issue by foregrounding the benefits of "perfection," but cannot disencumber his logic from the problem posed by the tension between, on one hand, the exemplarity of Dante's belief system and, on the other, the constraints imposed one by one's own era, however impoverished it might be.
This too is someone who hopes, by making sporadic entries in his journal, "pour me debarrasser d'une jeunesse orageuse" 'to disencumber myself of a tempestuous youth' (83)--a personal history with which, however, the narrator encumbers himself more and more as he proceeds.
Gag rules of this type tend to distort rather than disencumber democracy by violating the principle of equal participation in the process of self-rule.
Since, as Loraux suggests, the political is the final authority over collective memory, we may find there the agent who will disencumber us of this past (Loraux 1986, 3; see also Ricocur 1997, 449-53).
He misses, I think, the real value of Holmes's overall critique of anti-liberalism which is to disencumber liberalism of the myths, misconceptions and dogmas fostered by the anti-liberal outlook.