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  • verb

Synonyms for disencumber

to free from or cast out something objectionable or undesirable

Synonyms for disencumber

release from entanglement of difficulty

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This too is someone who hopes, by making sporadic entries in his journal, "pour me debarrasser d'une jeunesse orageuse" 'to disencumber myself of a tempestuous youth' (83)--a personal history with which, however, the narrator encumbers himself more and more as he proceeds.
Gag rules of this type tend to distort rather than disencumber democracy by violating the principle of equal participation in the process of self-rule.
This book is so rich in material, both for Egyptologists and for Semitists, that my recommendation to those who cannot labor in the other's field is to disencumber themselves of this deficiency.
Fitch's expectation is that Colonial will execute upon its stated plan of issuing $300 million to $350 million of unsecured bonds in first-quarter 2005, with proceeds targeted to repay secured debt and further disencumber assets.
She in turn longs for her master's demise through a similar, though divinely ordained, consumption: "I thought how glad I should be, if some day when he walked the earth, it would open and swallow him up, and disencumber the world of a plague" (18).
The kites, on the other hand, manage to disencumber themselves of all this.