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In short: Zollner found no disenchanter for the simple reason that disenchantment was no longer extant as a social institution.
Writing his book on comets as well as the four-volume Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen (Scientific Papers), Zollner assumes the position of the disenchanter and, thereby, incorporates the triangle of witchcraft that is usually distributed among three--or at least, between two--different persons.
In arguing that both interpretations provide correct readings of the text, I hold the view that enclosed in Zollner's catachresis lies the ambiguity of witchcraft itself: victim as culprit, disenchanter as magician, magician as disenchanter, culprit as victim.
Zollner acts as Wilhelm Weber's disenchanter (without having been asked, that is).
Zollner does not once use the word Entzauberung (disenchantment), but nevertheless acts in the traditional role of a disenchanter when he would make us understand that modern (materialistic) science is, to him, disenchanted science.