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In short: Zollner found no disenchanter for the simple reason that disenchantment was no longer extant as a social institution.
Writing his book on comets as well as the four-volume Wissenschaftliche Abhandlungen (Scientific Papers), Zollner assumes the position of the disenchanter and, thereby, incorporates the triangle of witchcraft that is usually distributed among three--or at least, between two--different persons.
22) LaBas, as detective and disenchanter, exposes the hoax by merely grazing a finger over Gould's make-up to reveal a white streak on the white face.
This first recognition serves to provide LaBas with the proper credentials as a true disenchanter to prepare for his later exposure of Gould, but, in this case, exposure leads to a deeper understanding and an explanation that creates sympathy even as Abdul's position is being subtly, but respectfully, undermined.
Like Haupt's, Levine's description of Darwin's view of life, a view that "leaves the world thick with value, meaning and affection," is offered as an alternative to the views of the disenchanters (243).