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make unable to perform a certain action

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35) They actively engage disenabling social arrangements and make conscious decisions as to how to navigate or subvert them.
First, given the conflicting data on the efficacy of Xigris, it is unclear whether the patents are disenabling for the entire scope of their claims or just some part of them.
232) Many people mistakenly believe that by disenabling GPS or location services, they have precluded anyone from tracking their location through their cellular phone.
You cannot reason or debate with a thing, and what formalized procedures and protocols do is to reify the norms involved in the activity of assessment and evaluations so that considerations alien to the system are locked out at the outset, thus crippling judgment and disenabling reasoned discourse.
Her father, however, pushes for an erasure of the action in itself, disenabling language as signifier of the violence and strategies of the hegemonic character.
It is common for the government officials appointed to recovery structures to work from a client delivery model, where people are viewed as 'needing' to be helped, perpetuating a disenabling environment where citizens are covertly encouraged to remain passive clients of government (Vigoda, 2002).
They then apply the framework to case studies of conflicts in Guatemala, Northern Ireland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel/Palestine, Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Somalia, and Nigeria before drawing conclusions concerning enabling and disenabling factors for civil society peacebuilding.
While most of her interviewees said they enjoyed the films they saw, they also spoke of consciously resisting identification with the characters in the films, and that they felt identification to be disenabling (121-122).
Mass media should play an important role in maintaining democracy, by disenabling the ruling majority from violating the rights of party minorities.
Horowitz has succeeded in his racist mission of disenabling African American claims to equal justice and opportunity.