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Synonyms for disenable

make unable to perform a certain action

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Esa parte es elegible, ya que depende de la voluntad de las personas y ademas es disenable.
14) Such distance enables art to interrogate the "fundamentals of political discourse, such as notions of time and space that are taken as neutral facilitators of discourse and action rather than ideologically-loaded premises that disenable as they enable.
Why non-addicts must uncompromisingly disenable and deny anyone as soon as addiction is indicated.
Es decir, no se mide tanto por lo que, de manera metaforica, podriamos entender como una especie de "valor-de-uso" dialogico, relacional e intercultural, sino por su "valor-de cambio" como mera mercancia disenable segun los esquemas estaticos y metafisicos del pensamiento dicotomico y monocultural occidental.
You simply ask more and more questions, which can ultimately disenable you.
No rules disenable you to stick with or change languages other than those you self-impose; if and when necessary you can switch back and forth.
The great question is: Will such revivals enable or disenable the left in its struggle for human freedom and democracy?
Straightforward administration allows users to enable or disenable viewing of a certain e-show and to see how many times e-shows have been viewed.
Program and set up three (3) PTZs to cover parking lot and divide into smaller more disenable sections allowing easier viewing
Simon: <<La denominacion de los sistemas adaptativos como <<artificiales>> que se basan en una <<mente implementada en cualquier tipo de materia disenable, articulada con un contexto que pide cambios>>.