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Synonyms for disembowel



Synonyms for disembowel

remove the entrails of

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Public executions and ritual disembowelments might be a short-term hit in the ratings.
Urizen becomes, thus, a more sophisticated, cosmological version of the gruesome "Jack Tearguts," and his labors, essentially a form of surgery to carve up and divide eternity, produce equally horrifying disembowelments.
Maybe after repeated viewings audiences will find disembowelments, cannibalism and being eaten alive by wild boars as hilarious as Sir Anthony does.
It's lush with surprising turns in plot, dangerous women, drastically unbalanced men, graphic disembowelments, necrophilia, incest, and an awareness of the vital persistence of evil.
Braveheart contains more than its fair share of decapitations and disembowelments and ends with Mel Gibson impaled on a cross.