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Synonyms for disembowel



Synonyms for disembowel

remove the entrails of

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Ewan MacRae, a small business expert said: "Scotland has seen much of its business disembowelled .
He was disembowelled with a makeshift blade believed to have been embedded in plastic.
I've never been disembowelled before", mused little Jimmy Osmond as he ventured into a pen of Kangaroos to retrieve stars from their whip-like tails.
He was then stabbed in the stomach and disembowelled.
HORRIFIED cops found a man DISEMBOWELLED at his home yesterday following a telephone tip-off.
When B-list actress Betty Ann Short, aka The Black Dahlia, is brutally slain ( bludgeoned, disembowelled and a clownish grin sliced from ear to ear ( Blanchard and Bleichert investigate.
In March 2005, Keith Philpott, 36, who had learning difficulties, was bound and gagged before being tortured and disembowelled.
He died by being hung, drawn, quartered and disembowelled.
While other cities across Europe were carelessly disembowelled, he spent decades sensitively replanning Urbino, showing how history and modern life could be reconciled.
William Goldman's screenplay is a huge disappointment while stars Morgan Freeman, Thomas Jane, Jason Lee and Brit Damian Lewis are powerless to stop their careers being disembowelled.
A prison source said last night: "He was disembowelled like something out of a medieval torture chamber.
At one time his third wife left him because she found him bathing with a disembowelled deer, charming
Would those who watched with an apparent lack of compassion while a sparrowhawk disembowelled a pigeon have been so complacent if their pet budgie, or resident blackbird had been the prey?
Two sadistic killers who wrongly accused a Teesside man of being a sexual pervert and left him disembowelled alive have had their sentences challenged as "unduly lenient".