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Synonyms for disembowel



Synonyms for disembowel

remove the entrails of

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Many were disembowelled and beheaded, while some had their tails chopped off as sick trophies.
At least seven have been found disembowelled or decapitated recently in the South London suburb.
20pm) JUSTICE is blind - and by the end of F Gary Gray's thriller, it's also horribly burned, dismembered and disembowelled, as family man Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) turns the tables on the lawmakers who let him down and plots his revenge.
discussion: "Yeh, the missus was a bit upset by the disembowelled kids and the dead babies.
The gang of Christians disembowelled the pregnant woman and slashed the children with machetes in the attack against Peuhl Muslims.
I had to give up on the opening of this twice as we watched folk wading through sewers and stumbling across disembowelled bodies being eaten by rats.
MANILA -- A four-year-old boy who had been missing since March 19 was found decapitated and disembowelled in Rizal Province Thursday, police said over Radyo Inquirer 990AM.
He was found dead in his cell at Durham's Frankland Prison in October having been disembowelled.
But he managed to jump off the gallows to kill himself rather than be taking down before he was dead and disembowelled while still alive.
ASthe awesome spectacle, the politically perpetuated ritual of Bonfire Night rears its ugly head again on November 5, isn't it a lovely thought that nowadays people can practise their own religion andworshipGodin their own way -without fear of imprisonment, or being tortured upon a 'rack'or hanged and disembowelled - while still alive
He died by being hung, drawn, quartered and disembowelled.
Look forward to the gruesome final act where the workers' leader is disembowelled at Smithfield by evil Blackthorn execs.
When B-list actress Betty Ann Short, aka The Black Dahlia, is brutally slain ( bludgeoned, disembowelled and a clownish grin sliced from ear to ear ( Blanchard and Bleichert investigate.
The laminated timber ceiling is sliced open with forensic precision and the slashed strips peeled downwards to provide instant display units, while also exposing the building's disembowelled guts.
Stabbing victim John Cornforth told today how he was almost disembowelled by his former best friend.