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Synonyms for disembowel



Synonyms for disembowel

remove the entrails of

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Horrific images showed dead spectators and disemboweling people in the street which is covered with pools of blood.
Gene Green, D-Houston, was asked if -- in light of his party's Election Day disemboweling -- he would support outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi's bid for minority leader.
The patient had participated in a hare (Lepus europaeus) hunt on October 29, 2005, and cut 1 finger while disemboweling and skinning hares.
She recalled that her father had been very anxious before that visit, fretting about whether Oregonians would be angry at him for the bombing, and so he had decided to carry the sword so that if necessary he could appease their fury by committing ritual suicide, disemboweling himself with the sword in the traditional Japanese method known as seppuku.
General Nogi Maresuki paid a decades-old debt of honor by disemboweling himself on the day of his emperor's funeral.
Disenchanting funeral honorarium of slow plodding death march rhythms and disemboweling vocals disseminate and rot the soul.