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free from a body or physical form or reality

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This disembodiment parallels that of capital's suppression of its production by labouring bodies, and langue's suppression of sociohistorically particular and intersubjectively constituted speaking subjects.
Just as the multiculturalist appears to occupy an unmarked position outside material relations, so too do capital and its pan-English lingua franca, each fantasy of disembodiment and immaterialization supporting the other.
Moving on from the post-modern discourse of gender-theoreticians speaking about writing desire and its disembodiments, the video turns to the fantasies and economics of the globalized bride market.
Umbilical cords and digital fibre-optics: Communication and the disembodiments of digital globalization.
But the Palazzo Grassi experience alone was a knockout - a fantastic voyage of the "I" that began with the sexual angst and eugenical obsessions of the last fin de siecle, moved forward through the disembodiments of World War I, and concluded with a spectacular detonation of totalitarian and "degenerate" figurative art from the 1930s and 1940s.