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free from a body or physical form or reality

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The white subject is magnetically aligned with other races (here figured as separate and unequally evolved species) only under conditions of disembodiment.
Let us seize that occasion now to conjure the material spirit that haunts the tendencies of our own microchip age toward disembodiment and to devote our readings of Victorian poetry to deciphering the material condition of being human today.
In this case, however, gynecologists may "abet" their patients' creation of an embodied self in spatially and temporally remote taleworlds, since embodiment elsewhere supports that disembodiment in the present which is necessary for medical objectification.
Charles Molesworth notes Merwin's prevalent use of a disembodied narrative agent and believes that the disembodiment typically appears figuratively or as a desire toward such a state because the speaker sees the world as "irremediably fallen, so that to be entangled in materiality is synonymous with evil" (152).
Beckett rejected the hegemony of narrative film that reigned in his time, looking to images (in sequence shots with no action, pan shots, zooms, and so forth) to render his vision of life, one to which an economy of means, a bareness of elements, and disembodiment are essential.
Beloved's disembodiment results in her presence becoming "an outside thing that embraces while it accuses.
The character Henry Dorsett Case morphs into the character Bobby Newmark (the new easy mark), whose body decays while his mind exists solely in the infinite cyberspatial disembodiment of the aleph in Mona Lisa Overdrive; into the character Gentry as well - a crazed prophet searching for the unifying Shape, the modern metanarrative - whose ideas harmonize well with the surrealist imagination, which asserts, along with Andre Breton, that "the real process of thought" lies in "the omnipotence of dream" (602), that "the poet must turn seer" (605), that "it is time to have done with the provoking insanities of 'realism'" (613).
These works share qualities with the others in the show--a stubborn continuity, the disembodiment of something familiar--but they are somehow less affecting, perhaps because more complicated, than the far simpler assemblages that quiver like activated nerves in the other room.
By the conclusion of the novel, she has questioned her own disembodiment, her inability to find the "core" of her life:
The gigantism of Gonfles, degonfles (Inflating, Deflating), 2005-2006, exaggerates disembodiment to the point of spectacular, albeit self-conscious, absurdity.
Indeed, the image's coupling of disembodiment and sensuous immediacy is disconcertingly seductive.
The object quality of Angus's sculptures is simply not that compelling, and as a result, his demonstration of sculpture's disembodiment remains, itself, little more than a disembodied idea.
Though both suggest the inadequacy of representation, even the ultimate unrepresentability of things (especially human beings), I think they were both afraid of the disembodiment that comes with total abstraction.
Kapoor's magic Bright Mountain, 1993--fraught with all kinds of crosscultural and ultimately transcultural associations--not only defeats bodiliness and scale through its aura of disembodiment and miniaturized monumentality, respectively, but affords a purer revelation of the silence of Being than his sandstone sculptures do.
My body had been imprinted with a psychological death, with a feeling of unreality experienced as dissociation (detachment and depersonalisation), disembodiment, and existential elision (all particular features of PTSD).