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free from a body or physical form or reality

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She makes a convincing argument that middle-class subjectivity came to be discursively produced through texts and in relation to them, thus allowing for the middle class' disembodiment and disassociation from the physical.
In my view, however, any discussion of texts that treat issues of embodiment and disembodiment must acknowledge the extent to which such literary thematics automatically interrogate (gendered) acts of literary production themselves.
Michael Warner and Lauren Berlant, for example, both analyze images of embodiment and disembodiment in American political rhetoric, focusing on the importance of somatic references in the production of "citizenship.
Technologically mediated voices have become so naturalized for us that we listen without the sense of estrangement that fascinated Victorian readers and writers, for whom literary and technological inventions of "voice" were a way to perform the dissociation and disembodiment of speech.
His feelings of disembodiment, I would argue, stem not from the luxury of temporarily forgetting his body but from the necessity of focusing all his attention on it: he focuses so intensely on his body that it loses its identity of "human body" and becomes instead the metonymic "badge of shame.
In this case, however, gynecologists may "abet" their patients' creation of an embodied self in spatially and temporally remote taleworlds, since embodiment elsewhere supports that disembodiment in the present which is necessary for medical objectification.
And yet, amidst this astonishing proliferation of Black male fullness (the myth of the oversized penis) and Black men figured as the brash plenitude of nationalizable commodities, the rhetoric and realities of Black men's disembodiment intensify.
The disembodiment of these symbols allows this submission to occur; their phallic logic reveals the discursive control he will retain.
The photographs, which seem almost literally to replicate the movements of the eye across a surface in saccadic leaps, imply for him a sense of life and engagement in contrast with the disembodiment implied by linear perspective.
But his music is a powerful assertion of self, a fallible presence singing from within the technological armature of a genre that prizes posthuman disembodiment.
He discusses disembodiment, autonomy, sensibility, spontaneity, imitation, rhythm, memory, and imagination.
While undermining the spirit's tendency toward disembodiment, print also appears as both the sign of a split between spiritual and embodied modes of being and the means of suture.
Revising Freely: Frederick Douglass and the Politics of Disembodiment.
In a reading of the abandoned Charlotte's "post-partum ravings," Stern offers that "[t]he image of maternal disembodiment summon[ed] expresses her rage at being cut off" by "a series of inadequate mother figures that now includes herself" (p.
Disembodiment aids them in avoiding realities that are restrictive; that is, it helps them to make steps toward origin and it translates the experience more readily to the reader.