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He evaded a sentinel, passed the out-guard and support, and by devious ways came again to Colonel Capell's headquarters, where he appeared before the officers gathered there as a disembodied spirit materializing out of thin air.
But I've got no use for disembodied spirits when I'm dealing with facts.
That we can't do much anymore about our lives, or the lives of other people, except gaze at the sky and pray to a disembodied spirit .
ACCORDING to Hindu tradition the reasons for preferring cremation to burial is to induce a feeling of detachment into the freshly disembodied spirit, which will be helpful to encourage its passing to "the other world" (the ultimate destination of the dead).
This technique channels ki energy from a disembodied spirit of spirits.
it's now also been possessed, Exorcist-style, by the disembodied spirit of that fruit-based company who so recently manufactured my iPod.
Ansky's play about a bride possessed by a disembodied spirit, fascinated many choreographers, including Pearl Lang and Jerome Robbins.
18 In the folklore of which religion could people be possessed by a disembodied spirit called a dybbuk?
But the noun that can mean a disembodied spirit, elf, fairy or ghost is most often spelled sprite, as in the nimble Austin Healey Sprite.
I felt almost like a disembodied spirit watching this.
He was no disembodied spirit, so far removed from us that we could never relate to him.
Lynn White, in a now famous essay, writes that Western Christianity's attack on paganism effectively stripped the natural world of any spiritual meaning by replacing the belief that the Sacred is in rivers and trees with the doctrine that God is a disembodied Spirit whose true residence is in heaven, not on earth.
Not only does it sound like he's a disembodied spirit is submerged underwater, it sounds unlike anything he has ever recorded.
Jesus was not a disembodied spirit floating among them, but a tangible being whose wounds were still present: "Put your finger here and see my hands.
the Magic Resistance and the disembodied spirit of a Dungeon Master to