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Synonyms for disembarkment

the act of passengers and crew getting off of a ship or aircraft

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Again, there are exceptions; some people suffer from symptoms for a few days after the trip is over, a condition termed ' mal de debarquement ' or disembarkment sickness.
Then there are the tourist operators who take passengers after disembarkment for sightseeing.
We went out with all the ships heading towards France, but we never went in on the disembarkment," said Polowin, whose ship instead set out to find enemy ships.
2) At Lyttelton, he boarded a "scow" that "was the foulest I was ever in," (3) resulting in an early disembarkment (possibly at Kaikoura) to pick up another ship, through French Pass (Cook Strait going uncommented), and on to Nelson.
Economic analysis, therefore, should focus on the users' platform-selecting and disembarkment expenses.
Six months after arriving home in Warrington, Cheshire, Jane was diagnosed with disembarkment sickness syndrome.
Ina special tribute, the October 9 issue published five portraits of Columbus together with an account of his departure from Palos, a fragment of Lope de Vega's comedy El nuevo mundo descubierto por Colon [The New World Discovered by Columbus], and a selection from Columbus' diary describing the disembarkment and claiming of land in the name of the King and Queen of Spain.
The decent was quick, as was the disembarkment from the aircraft and passage, via subway, through this ultramodern regional transportation hub.