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Synonyms for disembarkation

the act of passengers and crew getting off of a ship or aircraft

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Site visitors select the desired ship, port of embarkation, port of disembarkation, and suite category desired, and the cruise-only fare will be conveniently and quickly displayed.
Upon disembarkation, all pilgrims had to undergo a rigorous screening process mandated by Ministry of Health to ensure there were no cross-border transmissions of Ebola.
The HYDRA boarding bridges would have an innovative feature for SPBBs patented by ADELTE: a docking ramp allowing passenger embarkation and disembarkation to cruise ships doors below quay level.
Moreover, a simulation procedure will take place at Larnaka Port, of a mass arrival of civilians and of their disembarkation, control, transport and accomodation in the designated areas until repatriation.
On July 5th, QE2 returns to the dock for disembarkation in the morning.
We have witnessed too many tragic losses of lives in the Mediterranean recently: having clear binding rules on interception, search and rescue and disembarkation will help preventing such tragedies in the future.
Computer terminals are being installed to allow guests to conduct airline check-in upon disembarkation of the ship.
In addition, the company will handle embarkation, disembarkation, airport and hotel transfers in Dubai, UAE, as well as provide trained check-in teams at the Dubai Cruise Terminal.
It was so bad, the captain requested they stay behind on disembarkation and he personally gave them a dressing down.
The introduction of Premium Economy also offers customers priority check-in, dedicated cabin crew, an additional hand baggage allowance, and priority boarding and disembarkation.
Upon disembarkation, there were some passengers who vomited.
Stena Plus includes complImentary snacks and beverages, priority boarding and disembarkation.
They must provide thoughts and opinions on their holiday, from check-in to disembarkation, in return for a holiday package which will cost an average pounds 5,000 for a family of four next summer.
Those incidents have led some countries to require destruction of any insects present on arriving international flights by applying a pesticide before landing and passenger disembarkation," says Hogsette.