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Synonyms for disease

Synonyms for disease

a pathological condition of mind or body

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194 additional QALYs, compared with esophagectomy upon disease progression to cancer, assuming a 0.
Research on the possible relationship between hormonal contraception and HIV disease progression is hampered by the same methodological challenges facing studies of hormonal contraceptive use and the risk of HIV acquisition or transmission (see articles, pages 5 and 14).
This scarcity would also seem to exclude nutritional factors as a probable cause of falling disease progression rates.
The broadening of coreceptor tropism to include CXCR4 has been correlated with rapid CD4+ cell decline and poor clinical prognosis, but whether X4 tropism is a cause or an effect of disease progression is not known.
Approved August 5, 1994 for monotherapy treatment of advanced HIV for those aged more than 13 years who are intolerant to or have disease progression on AZT.
All of the patients in the trial had previously had one, or, in most cases, several, disease progressions while being treated with ganciclovir and/or foscarnet.
Bowlegged alignment is associated with a fourfold greater incidence of radiographic disease progression in the medial compartment of the knee over 30 months.
The impact of mental health treatment on disease progression and survival needs more attention from doctors, researchers, policy makers, and activists alike.
Thus, CD4 T cell count was deemed a good surrogate for determining risk of disease progression.
Such biomarkers might reflect the presence or severity of COPD, the rate of disease progression, or exacerbations of the disease.
One of the chemokine receptors, CCR-5, which along with CD4 acts as co-receptor for HIV entry into macrophages, provides upon mutation a genetic restriction to HIV infection in homozygous persons and control of disease progression in heterozygous persons (5.
In addition to monitoring disease progression and determining the clinical stage, prognosis and outcome in HIV-infected individuals, ProScan-A may provide information concerning the efficacy of therapeutic agents and vaccines for HIV infection.
Alternatively depression may hasten disease progression, either through direct effects on the immune system or in indirect ways.
The clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease is not definitive, but when it occurs, it is frequently late in the disease progression," said Dr.
Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) has improved survival for people with HIV, but the effects of age and exposure category on disease progression have changed over time.