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Synonyms for disease

Synonyms for disease

a pathological condition of mind or body

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Simple and multiple linear regression (adjusting for age, sex, race, diabetes, coronary artery disease history, smoking, [eGFR.
VZV disease history always indicates that varicella is the primary infection, and herpes zoster is a recurrence of the disease (Arvin 1996; CDC 1996, 1997, 2005; Gershon etal.
Editor's Note: Judging from June's cover story, despite the disease history the reader mentions, more exotic versions of zoonotic diseases have surfaced in recent years, spreading globally at a rate that precludes researchers from discovering timely "cures" to prevent deadly tragedies.
His blood pressure was in good control, but on examining his other risk factors, it was discovered that his low-density lipoprotein cholesterol was high, measuring 188 mg/dl, with a goal of less than 100 mg/dl because of his coronary artery disease history.
Applicants to the NHS will have to answer a questionnaire on their sex lives, drug misuse and family disease history for HIV, hepatitis B and C and tuberculosis.
For the latest project, patients will be interviewed by a research nurse who will note their demographic details, renal disease history and any heart problems which have developed.
Emerging conclusions have to be examined against criteria of strength, reproducibility and consistency with other findings from the big picture of disease history, from animal models and from molecular biology.
For example, he demonstrates that our response to AIDS cannot be understood apart from the general disease history of the twentieth century and the historical response of our society to epidemics.
Prerequisites for medical informatics are medical data management systems that are always available in the computer, day or night; that are confidential; and that summarize each patient's past and present disease history and potential for health.
Considering that none of the 210 subjects had any bowel symptoms or bowel disease history, and that all had negative Hemoccult tests, the results are impressive indeed.
It is preferable to have the checks done at the centre where pilgrims' registered, to keep track of their disease history and health file.
Since he had no issues of macular degeneration or significant eye disease history in his family, after discussion, he opted not to take vitamin E.
A 34-years-old female without any chronic disease history applied to otorhinolaryngology department with fever, throat pain, dysphagia and unwellness for 3 days.
The disease history of Eleonora from Toledo is as follows.
They seemed especially puzzled by SCOUT's design, with its enrollment largely including patients with cardiovascular disease history or risk even though these are label contraindications, and by continuing patients on chronic sibutramine even when they lacked a weight-loss response.
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