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Synonyms for disdainfully

in a proud and domineering manner


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And Villefort threw disdainfully on his desk the letter Dantes had just given back to him.
He had done well in Mods, much to the surprise of those who attended lectures and took proper exercise, and was now glancing disdainfully at Chinese in case he should some day consent to qualify as a Student Interpreter.
When I met him on his rounds now, I thought he carried his head more disdainfully than ever, and strode up the steps of front porches and rang doorbells with more assurance.
How sad that Muhammad Ali Jinnah's vision of a secular, tolerant and modern Muslim country, in which all ethnic and religious communities could live in peace, has been disdainfully brushed aside not only by the power-seeking radicals themselves but also by successive Pakistani leaderships.
The Anglicans, very much a minority in Wales, might be excused a haughty sniff as they look on disdainfully, but they're hardly in a much better condition.
He'd been particularly harsh on the bowling of Andy Gleave, dispatching him disdainfully to the square leg boundary on a couple of occasions before his demise.
Who could forget the delight at being served by a sullen dreadlocked Pete Burns (later to hit number one as lead singer with Dead Or Alive) caked in orange make-up, eyeliner and lipstick, who would literally throw your chosen album disdainfully across the counter before mincing off to find something better to do.
It's supposed to be a foolproof assignment but the authorities have reckoned without barking- mad genius Cyrus the Virus - shaven-headed John Malkovich at his most disdainfully menacing - and all hell breaks loose in the air and on the ground.
When she unties her Samurai husband, and he disdainfully looks upon her as soiled goods, she kills him.
All I got was a couple of sparrows who glanced disdainfully at the bedraggled bacon rind I'd put out, then flew off.
As are other of Mr Blunkett's colleagues of whom he spoke so disdainfully.
As the other children tucked in my son looked disdainfully at his meal and loudly declared: "I'm not eating that
Someone once asked, rather disdainfully, ``Don't you ever want to write something serious?
The play is arguably Shakespeare's first work for the stage and the influences of whatever was popular in the late 16th century are all there - gender switching, the loving look at Italy, where the play is set, and the element of courtly love distilled throughout the dainty love affair between Valentine and the long-suffering Silvia who, in this production, stood disdainfully on the steps of Marie Corelli's perfect little summerhouse, reading Cosmopolitan , while Paul Prescott's overbearing Proteus huffed and puffed below.
All around him were thousands of dwarf Ponderosas - dog-hair thickets, foresters disdainfully call them - crammed so closely together that they can barely draw the nutrients and moisture they need to survive.