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Synonyms for disdainful



Synonyms for disdainful

showing scorn and disrespect toward (someone or something)

Synonyms for disdainful

expressing extreme contempt

having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy

References in classic literature ?
Twelve officers of the fraternity of fools raised him on their shoulders; and a sort of bitter and disdainful joy lighted up the morose face of the cyclops, when he beheld beneath his deformed feet all those heads of handsome, straight, well-made men.
Whenever there was any question of money, Leonard Upjohn assumed a slightly disdainful expression.
Prince Andrew was struck by the extraordinarily disdainful composure with which Speranski answered the old man.
Boxtel, with a disdainful smile, shrugged his shoulders.
His expression became a trifle more disdainful, but he did not answer.
She cast one disdainful look at Moody, without troubling herself to express her contempt in words.
In fact, the more disdainful the lady might be the better it was, for then the poet could write the more passionate verses.
She looked him over, in one disdainful glance from head to foot; her voice rose to its loudest and firmest tones.
retorted Sir Mulberry Hawk, eyeing him in disdainful surprise.
As his looks were full of prodigious wisdom and sagacity when he gave his sister this information, it is probable he expected much applause from her for what he had done; but how was he disappointed when, with a most disdainful aspect, she cried, "Sure, brother, you are the weakest of all men.
Thrice blessed be this last consideration, since it enables us to follow the disdainful Miggs even into the sanctity of her chamber, and to hold her in sweet companionship through the dreary watches of the night!
They had stopped to rest beneath a finger-post where four roads met, and Mr Codlin in his deep misanthropy had let down the drapery and seated himself in the bottom of the show, invisible to mortal eyes and disdainful of the company of his fellow creatures, when two monstrous shadows were seen stalking towards them from a turning in the road by which they had come.
Another will simply survey the crowd with a disdainful glare and stay rooted to the spot.
Things were not made easier by the fact that some of the senior men of the congregation were disdainful of the idea that a young man would have anything of value to impart to them.
I remember once trying to defend our country's reputation against the disdainful remarks of a smiling Frenchman.