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a small class of students who are part of a larger course but are taught separately


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Your Methods section should describe the important methods that led to the important results that you will be reporting in your Results section and discussing in your Discussion section.
In summary, in our Discussion section we fully recognize the differences between our results and those of other studies.
Perhaps the best way to start would be to include a separate headings for the discussion of limitation within the traditional discussion section, as already proposed.
For example, here is the last paragraph of the Discussion section in a recent NEJM article:
Most chapters end with a further discussion section, offering journalism teachers practical exercises to further engage their students.
Moreover they ignored a number of Moves such as Research Implications in the Discussion section.
The reviewer should be knowledgeable enough in the subject area to look for important aspects, such as whether the author has included the most important references, structured the study appropriately, used the correct statistical methods or utilized the discussion section to "bring it all together," and make important suggestions for future studies.
1per 1000 words) and boosters occur mostly in Discussion section (9.
Are only the positive results emphasized in the abstract and discussion section, while the negative results are glossed over?
Most of the references wherein you will be comparing your results with other studies will come in the Discussion section and only a few in the Introduction.
There are just similar sentences taken from different articles excepting for cited references in introduction section, the amount of the application dose for IFN-[gamma] is unknown and the authors are no interpretation their own findings on discussion section in this study.
Attention to the effectiveness and expected outcomes of an intervention creates a bridge to the Discussion section of a practice manuscript, in which the author can identify future research that needs to be conducted with the intervention.
The first two sentences of the discussion section on Page 25 are incorrect text.
Detroit Free Press Assistant Managing Editor Stefanie Murray posted as an apology in the Discussion section on the Amazon page.
These sections are then followed by the discussion section, and then the conclusion.