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In the progress of this discussion I shall endeavor to give a satisfactory answer to all the objections which shall have made their appearance, that may seem to have any claim to your attention.
Blessingbourne pursued, "but I never know, in such intense discussions, what strange impression I may give.
He stood silent, beating his stick nervously against his boot-top; and feeling that she had indeed found the right way of closing the discussion, she went on light- heartedly: "Oh, did I tell you that I showed Ellen my ring?
With such profound faith as Joe felt in the doctor, it is not to be wondered at that incessant discussions sprang up between him and Kennedy, without any lack of respect to the latter, however.
Early in the morning he was awakened by a rather animated discussion between two boys in the dining room below.
Fred knew little and cared less about Ladislaw and the Casaubons, and his mind never recurred to that discussion till one day calling on Rosamond at his mother's request to deliver a message as he passed, he happened to see Ladislaw going away.
All right; I won't," he said decisively, realizing that the discussion was in danger of becoming a vituperative, schoolboy argument.
Martin followed the discussion closely, and while he was convinced that Olney was right, he resented the rather cavalier treatment he accorded Ruth.
And of the one ship, the Essex, there is no discussion.
It would be impossible for me to write all that was said in the discussion.
The fullest discussion of the problems and fragments of the epic cycle is F.
It is not my fault if the discussion in the garden is revived before another audience in this room--it is yours,"
It might appear, perhaps, the most logical course to devote our first meeting to the discussion of the engine to be employed.
A discussion arose on this subject, and Michel Ardan, always ready with an explanation, gave it as his opinion that the projectile, held by the lunar attraction, would end by falling on the surface of the terrestrial globe like an aerolite.
The discussions of the authors' works should sometimes, at least, be made by the student in writing, sometimes after a day or two of preliminary oral discussion in class.