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Synonyms for discusser

one who participates in a conference

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Students were creating analogies that symbolised relationships between characters, they challenged each other to provide evidence for their opinions, contribute to the discussion and as for the reluctant discussers they too felt comfortable in sharing their thoughts.
Williams is an analyser, a discusser of systems, a mover of salt and pepper pots across the dinner table, someone who very much knows his Christmas Tree from his 4-4-2.
I'm also a great talker and discusser, but I started forgetting the subject matter half-way through my sentences - which is terribly alarming.
It's the political reporter as TV critic rather than as discusser of substance," he said.
Thus, one of the country's leading politicians, a senior member of the Cabinet, told us proudly that he has never taken any part in politics, that he never had any intention of going into politics, that he has always disliked politics and that he is `not an intriguer, a corridor politician or a discusser of personalities'.