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Synonyms for discussant

one who participates in a conference

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a participant in a formal discussion

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Not surprisingly, when discussants did comment on papers (and even when they did not), they spoke in highly supportive tones about Bush's foreign policy.
The discussant is Jim Follain, senior fellow at the Rockefeller Institute, and co-author of the Lincoln Institute Policy Focus Report Preventing Housing Price Bubbles: Lessons from the 2006-2012 Bust.
In a focus on municipal finance, chaired by Henry Coleman, University of New Jersey, Rutgers, Steven Sheffrin and Grant Driessen, both of Tulane University, will look at the past and future of urban property taxes, joined by the discussant John M.
Discussants agreed that there is no technology that will soon answer the question of how the sexes differ.
For more details on the schedule and the discussants, please view the web site: http://dalailama.