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one who participates in a conference

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a participant in a formal discussion

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H3: The likelihood of maintaining a discussant is higher when this discussant is a relative and holds different political views.
In testing for the effects of selection and influence in Italy during the 2014 European elections, our main strategy to explain these two mechanisms was as follows: With regard to selection, we ask whether being in agreement with and/or having an intimate discussant in a wave leads the respondent to name the same discussant in a subsequent wave.
As noted, we test the selection mechanism by modeling the propensity to maintain or discard a discussant according to one's agreement and intimacy with the discussant.
With the initials of the main discussant, "it is possible to trace both whether a discussant was named at a later date.
Not surprisingly, when discussants did comment on papers (and even when they did not), they spoke in highly supportive tones about Bush's foreign policy.
The discussant also questions our use of students as subjects.
The discussant also speculates that our results may have occurred because our subjects were either not aware of the distortions or considered them to be unintentional.
One other experimental design issue raised by the discussant concerns the adequacy of the information provided to subjects.
As the discussant acknowledges, however, those are entirely different research questions than the one we investigate.
Interviewers then asked a battery of questions about each discussant in the sequential order in which the discussants were named.
Although all individuals are both senders and receivers in the collective deliberations of democracy, we will refer to the main respondent as the "listener" or "receiver" and the discussant as the "talker" or "sender.
The task may be more difficult if the discussant is less forceful and decisive in political discussion, has no preference, and so on.
Thus, we measured the time it took respondents to provide a judgment regarding a discussant.
Ozekhome finally made it into the hall to join other discussants, including musician, Seun Kuti; Fawehinmi's son, Mohammed; and publisher of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore.
Although it is clear that men and women often respond differently to toxicants, the discussants agreed that predicting just how the sexes will respond, and when they will respond differently, has not proved simple because, Silverstone said, of the limited amount of data at this time.