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a person who (or that which) differentiates

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14,15] Two schools of thought had emerged among leaders around the most effective balance between using a clinical discriminators-based, more time-efficient triage tool as opposed to a combination of clinical discriminators and vital signs that takes a little longer.
Analysis of this interaction revealed that CS discriminators showed significantly higher CS activity in the presence of hostile S1 faces than in the presence of friendly S1 faces.
According to Boeing, the KC-767 obtained 24 positive discriminators in the critical survivability category, including 11 described as "major", outranking the KC-30 which reportedly scored five, none of which were major.
Metaphorical extensions of senses are also more visible here than in the other two dictionaries, because the PWNO sense discriminators can be read as mini-definitions.
Discriminators with a low noise floor can also be applied to measure the noise contributions of frequency counters and to measure very low level spurs, which are not noticeable during direct spectral analysis.
Surely we've just lost the discriminators that separate the really bright from the average?
In simple terms the tracking discriminators (in angle, range, and/or Doppler) are the components in the radar that continuously adjust the position of the radar's tracking cell (normally under servo control).
Higgins and Shanklin found the significant discriminators among innovators, adopters, and laggards were age, income, lifestyle, technical complexity fear, and obsolescence fear.
Other ECG education and a qualifying examination are emerging as useful discriminators in some settings.
The discriminators are our EP real-time software, airport models and integration expertise.
Pierre LeBlanc, NWS program manager Raytheon Canada Limited, said, Providing the best solution at the best value, as well as our Inuit Benefit offering were key discriminators in our win.
Sage Laboratories produces custom RF and microwave components and subsystems including filters, diplexers, multiplexers, hybrids, and digital frequency discriminators.
Delay-line frequency discriminators have long been fundamental components in radar warning receivers, instantaneous frequency measurement receivers (IFM) and angle of arrival interferometers.
The company, world-renowned for microwave components, offers a wide selection of couplers, power splitters, combiners, mixers, PIN attenuators and phase discriminators in surface mount and connectorized forms.