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a person who (or that which) differentiates

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These included revisions to: (i) add a clear step-by-step flowchart that makes explicit the first step of identifying emergency signs and asking for the presenting complaint; (ii) incorporate the ABCccD approach to identifying emergency signs from ETAT in the emergency clinical discriminators; (iii) ensure a four-level triage scale rather than a three-level scale with incorporation of ETAT priority signs and additional signs deemed necessary by the expert group; (iv) ensure that the step-by-step flowchart, clinical discriminators, TEWS and additional investigations are embedded in the wall chart for practical application; and (v) develop a separate chart with additional tasks that do not change the priority level of the patient but are beneficial to patient care.
This study aimed to validate the revised version of the paediatric SATS for children triaged in six different ECs and answer the question as to whether an age-appropriate TEWS in addition to clinical discriminators improves the sensitivity of identifying a sick child requiring admission versus using clinical discriminators or a TEWS independently.
The major discriminators for the KC-767 included more robust surface-to-air missile defence systems, cockpit displays to improve situational awareness, improved EMP hardening and automatic route planning/rerouting and steering cues.
The SL sense discriminators, even when functional in nature, are not always helpful to the user, either Polish- or English-speaking, unless that user is also a linguist.
Finally, we can see in Table 2 (Appendix I) how NKFD and, especially, STAN, vary their lexicographic description, regarding the type of grammatical and lexical information included, the form of discriminators, the inclusion of remarks about Polish grammar, and so on.
Finally, gender and education did not appear to be major discriminators of the use of any popular consumer technology except 35mm cameras (gender and education) and digital watches (gender only).
In these critical categories -- which go to the heart of the KC-X mission -- Northrop Grumman was clearly superior to Boeing, attaining a two-to-one advantage in key discriminators.
The KC-767 achieved a total score of 24 positive discriminators -- including 11 described as major -- while the KC-30 scored five, none of which were major.
SYS' balanced product/service offering leads to higher margins and competitive discriminators within its markets.
The contract covers production of 38 Digital Frequency Discriminators (DFDs) and Digital Radio Frequency Memories (DRFMs) and spares required under the Airborne Self Protection Jammer (ASPJ) program -- jointly developed by ITT Avionics/Northrop Grumman for use on Navy F/A-18 C/Ds.
Discriminators in the Raytheon selection were the employment of agile manufacturing practices, the use of integrated product development and manufacturing teams and innovative approaches to supplier management and employee development and recognition.
Navy's decision to award this vital contract to the Unisys team," said Zettlemoyer, "is a strong indicator that systems integration expertise, coupled with a total solutions approach to customer requirements, are key discriminators for current and future defense programs.
The goal of the relationship is to provide Ag-Chem with unique market discriminators by developing and producing value-added, technology-intensive systems solutions for specific customer and end-user requirements.
Zettlemoyer takes the reigns of the organization as it strives to reposition itself into a highly focused, defense and non-defense, market-driven organization, capitalizing on its large installed base, its technology discriminators and its experience in managing the integration of complex information systems.
The ASPJ Program involves production of Anaren's Digital RF Memory (DRFM) and Digital Frequency Discriminators (DFDs).