discriminative stimulus

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a stimulus that provides information about what to do

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Considering forgiveness as a special case of acceptance also provides a framework for organizing interventions based on whether the target of the intention is (a) the discriminative stimulus quality of the partner/event, (b) the behavior of aversion, or (c) the consequences of aversion versus acceptance (Cordova, 2001).
On test trials, the pigeons were given a choice between the S+ stimuli and once again, the experience of a relatively aversive event produced an increase in the value of the positive discriminative stimulus that followed (Friedrich, Clement, & Zentall, 2005).
However, in order to determine if and how the antecedent event influences subsequent behaviors, researchers must control for or measure all four terms of the behavioral interaction, ruling out the role of the discriminative stimulus and the maintaining consequence in behavior change.
Since touching either of the edibles on the choice plate in the initial link results in extinction, neither of these items can be a discriminative stimulus for responding, until after the initial-link response has been made.
Participants in the differential outcomes condition consistently received one reward following correct responses to one discriminative stimulus and a different reward following correct responses to the other discriminative stimulus.
The difference between the two may be clarified by noting that a discriminative stimulus is a stimulus condition that has a history of correlation with the differential availability of a particular form of reinforcement for a particular response, while a MO involves the differential effectiveness of a stimulus as a reinforcer or punisher (Michael 1982).
exaggerating properties of the training stimulus as opposed to using a gestural prompt such as a point)(Schreibman, 1975); (b) keeping the discriminative stimulus short by omitting the command word (e.
A meaningful stimulus can evoke the occurrence of any number of productive responses, such as saying or writing its name; thus, it would be functioning as a discriminative stimulus for each of these responses.
One might expect that answer hints may lead to quicker acquisition; but perhaps indirect hints foster maintenance and generalization because they require a more concentrated interaction with stimuli that need to acquire discriminative stimulus properties.
a behavior chain) is thought to be jointly controlled: A discriminative stimulus sets the occasion for the response.
This situation may include an additional stimulus, termed the discriminative stimulus, which signals when the reinforcement contingency is in effect.
Their inclusion was to increase the likelihood of the intended discriminative stimulus control (i.
On each iteration cycle, one emitter unit is selected randomly based on relative likelihoods determined by the discriminative stimulus.
Of course, to attribute such changes in behavior to the actions of an MO, discriminative stimulus (and other) conditions must be held constant.