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Synonyms for discriminating

Synonyms for discriminating

able to recognize small differences or draw fine distinctions

characterized by careful and exact evaluation

Synonyms for discriminating

showing or indicating careful judgment and discernment especially in matters of taste

having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions

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One needs only to follow discriminatingly Pero's historical
Using the traditional dichotomies utile/dulce or docere/delectare that give crucial parameters to the commentator's work, she clearly situates Sponde's authorial voice and discriminatingly articulates its complementary nuances, ranging from poetic furor to theological rigor.
They believe, however, that market pricing and economics could effectively address this obstacle if the private sector empowered the codes and standards by adopting them and using them discriminatingly.
In fact, it is important to have standards of achievement and to learn to judge discriminatingly, in art as in politics.
Jack Zipes declares, "My guess is that the largest reading audience of children's books in the United States and England is constituted by those students at the college and university level who take courses in children's literature along with teachers, librarians, and writers, who eagerly and discriminatingly read vast numbers of books for children" (54).
The issuing of CS gas led to it being used, not always discriminatingly.
He also considers Coleridge's wrestlings with topics such as mysticism, optimism, evolution, and individuality, and writes discriminatingly on his negotiations with the ideas of Hartley, Priestley, Berkeley, and Schelling.
A vast income always overspent: Ceaseless building & collecting not vy discriminatingly works of art: two magnificent establishments, two charming wives; complete indifference to public opinion, a strong liberal & democratic outlook, a 15 million daily circulation, oriental hospitalities, extreme personal courtesy (to us at any rate) & the appearance of a Quaker elder--or perhaps better Mormon elder.
Colonialism brought the various groups together within the modern state but kept them apart and introduced modernization selectively and discriminatingly, especially between the North and the South.
Rather, it belongs to the essential consequences of human freedom that human morality has its locus of responsibility in the capacity of people to react discriminatingly and selectively to what is empirically given (whether this is "natural", genetically determined, or normal", corresponding to expectations).
In the face of opposition and resistance, it uses aggressive energies discriminatingly in order to bring its current work to completion.