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Synonyms for discriminating

Synonyms for discriminating

able to recognize small differences or draw fine distinctions

characterized by careful and exact evaluation

Synonyms for discriminating

showing or indicating careful judgment and discernment especially in matters of taste

having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions

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He too indicated that his Party would stage a protest against discriminating the Bugti Engineers by the OGDCL.
The diagnostic accuracy was 81% for discriminating FTD from Alzheimer's and 69% for discriminating FTD from controls.
The bank has paid USD335m as damages for discriminating against minority homebuyers.
The village of Mamaroneck, New York was found guilty of discriminating against Latino day laborers and has agreed to pay half a million dollars in legal fees to the workers.
But worryingly, 15 per cent of employers admit to discriminating against one of their staff members at some point.
The ADA prohibits employers with 15 or more employees from discriminating against applicants or employees on the basis of a disability.
Courts have therefore found it necessary to identify and prohibit actions which have the effect of discriminating against Catholics, but which do not necessarily identify Catholics per se.
Three preliminary melting curve analyses showed that this assay was effective in discriminating between the melting peaks of HPAI and LPAI (Figure).
Ohio is not discriminating against products manufactured or business operations performed in any other State;
Virgin Blue's spokesperson Heather Jeffery said that the airline is considering an appeal and rejects outright the claim that it is discriminating on the basis of age, Reuters reported.
I was like, 'Yo, this my cousin, I love him, and I been discriminating against gays.
Since its inception in 1982 this job-training program has prohibited recipients--even religiously affiliated charities--from discriminating in employment on the basis of religion.
She added: "We wouldn't dream of discriminating on grounds of race, sex or age.
If I advertise for a typist, am I discriminating against people who can't type?
Barcelona, Spain) has patented a method for determinating cytokine receptor, especially growth hormone receptor (GHR), activation, by the use of an antibody capable of discriminating between an activated and an inactive cytokine receptor conformation, especially GHR or growth hormone binding protein (GHBP) conformation, the method comprising: contacting the antibody and the cytokine receptor to form a complex, contacting a candidate ligand to the complex, measuring the antibody binding to inactive cytokine receptor and thereby discriminating between an activated and an inactive conformation.