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capable of being discriminated

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For this analysis, the number of incorrect symptoms endorsed was subtracted from the number of correct symptoms to create a dependent variable representing discriminability, with higher scores indicating a better ability to discriminate correct symptoms from distractors.
A metric taken from signal detection theory called the Discriminability Index (DI) is presented in this article.
Internal validity of project MATCH treatments: Discriminability and integrity.
Effects of Moderate and High Doses of Alcohol on Attention, Impulsivity, Discriminability, and Response Bias in Immediate and Delayed Memory Task Performance.
Enhanced discriminability at the phonetic boundaries for the voicing feature in macaques.
The three individual sessions were audiotaped to allow for an evaluation of the discriminability between TAU and MET-PS sessions.
For CBCD, the key challenge is to extract the suitable features that can obtain a good tradeoff between discriminability and robustness.
We addressed the third research question, related to IRD's discriminability (its ability to differentiate among individual datasets in a reasonably large, typical sample) by uniform probability distributions.
Assuming equal variance (Fechner's postulate), this explains the progressively poorer discriminability at higher intensity levels.
The underlying theoretical orientation of Rubin's (1995) approach to aspects of stability and variation is described as "cue-item discriminability.
A 1-6 Likert scale was chosen rather than the 1-4 scale employed in the pilot study in order to optimise measure discriminability and reliability (deVellis, 2003; Masters, 1974).
Moreover, learning rates were comparable across all three stimulus sets, indicating that all scents were of similar discriminability.
A Non-Parametic Measure of Signal Discriminability.
The vagueness of specificity: Models of peripheral physiological emotion specificity in emotion theories and their experimental discriminability.
The low-significant result for uncertainty may be associated with the low structural discriminability of the uncertainty manipulation, although its operational discriminability seemed acceptable.