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Synonyms for discretional

having or using the ability to act or decide according to your own discretion or judgment

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Finally, the new CBA also entitled the Board of the central bank to discretionally determine the level of 'freely available reserves' and therefore to transfer international reserves to the Treasury to cancel debt services in foreign currency virtually without limit.
Rather, under both the eastern and western contracts, PDVSA could choose to deposit payments in bolivars in Venezuelan banks whenever, in its 'exclusive discretion' and 'judgment,' it 'deem[ed] it discretionally convenient.
In the meantime, however, Baker might give leave to courts within Missouri to look more exactingly at employment contracts; to disavow continued at-will employment agreements that might be construed as enforceable, even where the agreement and a line of Missouri case law specifically call out for the court to discretionally construe it as enforceable to the extent that it can reasonably be so construed; and to find a variety of arbitration clauses or agreements imposed on employees to be without consideration.
In the opposite way, in markets where a small number of controlling shareholders have the opportunity to decide about it discretionally, i.
Although the reputation-building process takes time and effort, it turns out to be valuable because it facilitates the shaping of self-concept of the follower in a high-quality role relationship, and ultimately encourages the follower to contribute discretionally to the success of the work unit.
Interest rates for bank deposits are discretionally decided by the People's Bank of China.
60, this researcher has taken it as a 'Factor' discretionally for its assumed importance in the overall analysis.
However, the Minister may discretionally reject an application for renunciation where at the time of lodgement Australia is engaged in a war.