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Synonyms for discretion

Synonyms for discretion

the exercise of good judgment or common sense in practical matters

unrestricted freedom to choose


Synonyms for discretion

freedom to act or judge on one's own

Related Words

knowing how to avoid embarrassment or distress

refined taste

the power of making free choices unconstrained by external agencies

the trait of judging wisely and objectively

References in classic literature ?
Does the British Constitution restrain the parliamentary discretion to one year?
Had the argument from the British example been truly stated, it would have stood thus: The term for which supplies may be appropriated to the army establishment, though unlimited by the British Constitution, has nevertheless, in practice, been limited by parliamentary discretion to a single year.
Thus completely deranged as parties, we took to discussing philosophical matters in general; an occupation well adapted to a situation that required so great an exercise of discretion.
But surely discretion has its limits,' he added, 'after such a discovery as we have made?
I had escaped from another death-pit, dragged myself through another morass, and perilously acquired the discretion that would enable me to drink wisely for many another year to come.
Discretion is the root source of administrative agency power and influence, but exercising discretion often requires agencies to undergo costly and time-consuming predecision assessment programs, such as under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).
While there is no increase in the apprehension of undocumented immigrants, it is important to understand that if there is no immediate relief available, prosecutorial discretion may still be requested.
The Discretion gets the same handfitting found in the company's top-of-the-line Valor series, and the frame is handfitted to the slide.
This Article looks to immigration law--in which lower-level federal officers exercise discretion delegated down throughout federal agencies--to identify how bottom-up agency influences can inform categorical, across-the-board executive branch policy.
Beyond Deportation: The Role of Prosecutorial Discretion in Immigration Cases
Global Banking News-April 22, 2015--Basel watchdog makes changes to capital discretion for supervisors
The Basel Committee of banking supervisors from nearly 30 countries published six examples of capital requirements on Tuesday where national regulators will no longer have discretion over whether to apply them or not.
A new survey of mortgage industry practices examines the prevalence of pricing discretion in lenders' operations.
Alternatively, the contract of employment may mention that a bonus scheme is from time to time operated but that payment of any bonus is entirely at the discretion of the employer's management team and usually subject to certain performance criteria of the individual and the employer as well.
I]t is not entirely clear whether construction of a hearsay rule is a matter of discretion or a legal issue subject to de novo review.