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The VitalPak is Kyle's answer to the problem of organizing all essential medical supplies into one place and discretely transporting them around school.
But Oliver is hard at work on an application that will run discretely on Android phones and tablets, mimicking the capture and streaming functions of the original.
And if items are to be carried on the roof a folding roof-rack is discretely fitted saving the need to spoil the vehicles aerodynamics when not in use.
Nazzal said that the cornerstone of our disagreement with some European countries is that they discretely grant Israel the right to veto the Palestinians' self-determination.
The vehicle features a one-off Asprey jewellery box, housed discretely in the glove compartment, teak decking, engraved tread plates and Spirit of Ecstasy bonnet figure.
Like the regular unit, TrashRac Basic saves valuable kitchen floor space by mounting discretely behind the cupboard door.
I have now located Barmoor Castle hiding discretely under a fold of my Landranger Map No.
Both transmitter and receiver measure 16 x 12 x 4 cm, which means they fit discretely amongst your existing equipment.
The paper also warns that Brussels has been long warning Macedonia discretely of not implementing the Framework Agreement.
JAMIE REDKNAPP is being discretely taken out of the firing line by Sky when it comes to Tottenham games.
Full color photographs of black bears, mountain lions, bobcats, javelinas, coyotes, and even humans were discretely captured on film.
Topics include structural models and empirical analysis of technology accumulation and diffusion, econometric modeling of value-at-risk, small sample bias corrections for inequality indices, inflation targeting in developing economies, driving factors of Italy's trade flow over the last two decades, labor supply shocks and unemployment persistence in the Netherlands, modeling asymmetric consumer behavior and demand equations for bridging gaps in retailing, and closed-form approximation of likelihood functions for discretely sampled diffusions.
Discretely placed within each Dougherty piece are quiet questions about our connection to the Earth, our attitude about consuming Earth's goods.
So I took some comfort from those near the entrances who discretely chose to leave long before the end.
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