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an instrument that performs analyses


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Lachat Instruments' benchtop AP 300 Discrete Analyzer can perform 300 tests per hour.
Due to its ability to analyze multiple samples efficiently, a Discrete Analyzer Unit plays a critical role in performing these analyses.
While discrete analyzer manufacturers have heralded the technology as a substantial advance in automation, companies still producing instruments that rely on SFA or SIA methods have not begun sounding the death knells of continuous flow analysis.
Potassium was measured using an automated discrete analyzer with an ion-selective electrode (Bayer Diagnostics).
They mistakenly believed that their equipment is of higher quality and less expensive than a discrete analyzer.
The Discrete analyzer offers fast analysis rates, low reagent consumption and unattended operation.
The results were divided into routine discrete cuvette chemistries, discrete analyzer electrode measurements, and immunoanalyses, whether performed in a dedicated immunoanalyzer or in a discrete chemistry analyzer.
I rotated through all the laboratory sections and learned to use the discrete analyzer and the profile analyzer in chemistry and the cell counter and fibrinometer in hematology.
In chemistry, the main workhorse is a walkaway discrete analyzer.