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Synonyms for discreetness

knowing how to avoid embarrassment or distress

subtly skillful handling of a situation

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The ISC-Q is a four-domain instrument: ease of use, convenience, discreetness, and psychological well-being.
In my experience in teacher education, when we treat dispositions with discreteness, in isolation, we also often tend to treat them with discreetness by giving overly careful and circumspect feedback to teacher candidates in an effort to avoid giving offense.
At first Baggins, labelled as the 'burglar' due to his speed and discreetness, refuses to help but when a band of Snow White-esque singing dwarves knock at his door, eat all his food and damage his hobbit hole, he can't resist the challenge.
The intended audience for the book consists of both philosophers and economists, with Duppe aiming to construct the book so as to make phenomenology amenable to economists while the discreetness of economic theory is made more transparent to non-specialists.
This incident reflects a century-old practice within the Moroccan society, which gives precedence to protecting the discreetness of the victim's family over the victim's rights and psychological well-being.
Police chief, Michalis Papageorgiou said that although police had acquired evidence for 36 new cases, the necessary testimonies had still not been taken and stressed the need for discreetness in the matter.
One explanation for this apparent contradiction lies in the lack of definitional discreetness.
Contrasting the discreetness of his conversion experience at La Salette with the clamorousness of the miracles he witnesses in Lourdes, Huysmans longs for absolution from the sin of creation.
However, many asset managers use the discreetness of a dark pool to help avoid the price impact that comes from leakage of information of a pending order.
Of course, if you have to say this, there might be some doubt cast on your trustworthiness if you are compelled to declare your discreetness.
c] is period of carrier signal, which determines the discreetness of [phi] change, [theta] is angle between the first base vector and [U.
Auditors should assess the degree to which the availability of hotlines has been communicated to all employees, and the perceptions employees have about their effectiveness and discreetness.
Those people ultimately didn't react well to the masturbation jokes and silly stuff because they come from an era where they treasure discreetness.
Devices such as pens and pumps also improve the discreetness of injecting, which is helpful for people whose needle anxiety is rooted in embarrassment, Dr.