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Synonyms for discredit

Synonyms for discredit

to damage in reputation

to cause to be no longer believed or valued

to prove or show to be false

to give no credence to


the refusal or reluctance to believe

Synonyms for discredit

the state of being held in low esteem

cause to be distrusted or disbelieved

damage the reputation of

reject as false

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Prior to that, three tapes of discrediting conversations between the Director of the Customs Agency, Vanyo Tanov, and his superiors a Finance Minister Simeon Djankov and Deputy Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov.
At the minute it's not about selling good music, it's about selling a person and I think it is discrediting not only the artists but the charts.
But these cutting-edge scholars of the dominant hegemonic culture do not go far enough in discrediting traditional ethnography's modus operandi.
Bulgaria's so-called "spy" scandal was initially triggered by three tapes of discrediting conversations between Tanov, and his superiors a Finance Minister Simeon Djankov and Deputy Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov.
Having set out to discredit Schwarzenegger's recover plan, Angelides has succeeded only in discrediting himself.
This censorship was essential to help another media tactic succeed, a tactic that has worked hand-in-glove with the blackout: discrediting and smearing the anti-Communist opposition.
NORTHAMPTON coach Wayne Smith accused London Irish of discrediting rugby after Saints booked their passport to Europe.
Strategies for discrediting an expert witness may depend on the circumstances of the case.
More dangerously, they injure the marketplace by discrediting stock-for-members plans that are attached to solid businesses and that adhere to governmental guidelines.
Let's end once and for all the wars of discrediting.
It also displayed how the revolutionary left plays a valuable role for the Establishment by discrediting legitimate concerns.
Winning the war on terror will require waging an enduring campaign of truth consisting of three components: providing alternative sources of information, displacing radical Islam and discrediting the Middle East's corrupt authorities.
In an interview Friday for the Bulgarian National Television, Tsvetanov said that the scenario for discrediting the ruling GERB cabinet is a common scenario for every government that is in power.
To this end they anteed up a lot of money - over $2 million - and combined that with a relentless campaign of discrediting the public schools and all of those associated with them, especially the Board of Education.
To do that, they find political advantage in discrediting what locals are doing.