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Synonyms for discredit

Synonyms for discredit

to damage in reputation

to cause to be no longer believed or valued

to prove or show to be false

to give no credence to


the refusal or reluctance to believe

Synonyms for discredit

the state of being held in low esteem

cause to be distrusted or disbelieved

damage the reputation of

reject as false

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Every time the Syrian army achieves progress on the ground, the much-discredited stories of chemical attacks resurface and are used by the Western powers to discredit Syria and its allies, especially Russia.
28 (ANI): A woman was recently caught trying to plant a fake story about Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore in the Washington Post to discredit the paper.
ISLAMABAD -- The photocopy of the residence permit (iqama) allegedly of former President Asif Zli Zardari doing rounds on the social media is fake, fabricated and photo shopped to malign and discredit the former President and the PPP and is the handiwork of those who wish to bring into disrepute the entire political class.
Summary: The Order of Maronite Monks issued a statement Wednesday dismissing embezzlement accusations as an attempt to discredit the organization, state media reported.
However, as any salesman will tell you, you undermine your own position by trying to discredit your opponent.
Bulgarian Interior Minister has echoed recent comments that a scenario is being played out to discredit Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.
ONCE again, the BBC in its Panorama documentary on Monday, October 13, showed just how far they will go to discredit Nigel Farage and UKIP.
It isn't uncommon for the medical community to reverse or to discredit, after many years, what turn out to be useless or harmful treatments
New evidence could discredit a witness, defense attorneys for the man convicted of her murder say, and they want a 911 recording released by the prosecution.
As soon as the hair-raising coup plans plotted by the highest ranking military officers, intending to breed a civil war instead of simply overthrowing the government by force, were revealed, media networks rushed to launch a comprehensive campaign to discredit the investigations.
In the Tribunal's view, the accessing of the information was an unprofessional and inept attempt to significantly discredit another nurse," the decision stated.
All the Tories are trying to do is discredit Labour-run councils.
LAMONT PETERSON'S trainer and manager has accused Amir Khan of using 'foul tactics' to discredit the new champion.
Our officers have worked to quickly discredit the threats posted online and arrest those believed to be involved.
In turn, this is not to suggest that whoever set the explosion has any connection to the Government; their motives could be to discredit that very Government (and nor should it be credited that anyone in any way connected to Galeria set the bomb); and in turn, it may be no coincidence that the bomb went off on a day when two European Commissioners were due to visit.