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Synonyms for discredit

Synonyms for discredit

to damage in reputation

to cause to be no longer believed or valued

to prove or show to be false

to give no credence to


the refusal or reluctance to believe

Synonyms for discredit

the state of being held in low esteem

cause to be distrusted or disbelieved

damage the reputation of

reject as false

References in classic literature ?
Here is sanctity which shames our religions, and reality which discredits our heroes.
If he was starving tomorrow he would be the last man in England to make away with himself--he is too great a wretch--he is too vicious--he is too lost to all sense of respectability--he is too much of a discredit to his family.
you must render them back to me, camarade, lest you bring discredit upon my mission, and I will pay you for them at armorers' prices.
Burns wrote love songs too, for he was constantly in love--often to his discredit, and at length he married Jean Armour, Scots fashion, by writing a paper saying that they were man and wife and giving it to her.
You could not have enlightened me further, on the subject which alone concerned me; nor could you have made me discredit the evidence of my senses.
When he found that he had only attained capture and discredit, the sealed bomb in his brain burst, and he broke his own sword and hanged himself.
Do not set the least value on what I do, or the least discredit on what I do not, as if I pretended to settle any thing as true or false.
A treacherous friend is the most dangerous enemy; and I will say boldly, that both religion and virtue have received more real discredit from hypocrites than the wittiest profligates or infidels could ever cast upon them: nay, farther, as these two, in their purity, are rightly called the bands of civil society, and are indeed the greatest of blessings; so when poisoned and corrupted with fraud, pretence, and affectation, they have become the worst of civil curses, and have enabled men to perpetrate the most cruel mischiefs to their own species.
If he couldn't say them, or seem to say them, by reading them off the master's or some other boy's book who stood near, he was sent back, and went below all the boys who did so say or seem to say them; but in either case his vulgus was looked over by the master, who gave and entered in his book, to the credit or discredit of the boy, so many marks as the composition merited.
They discredit traditional ethnography's claim of creating an "unmodified and unfiltered record of immediate experience" (41).
Much of what Susan Faludi documented in Backlash in 1991 looks like child's play compared to the tactics deployed this past year to discredit feminism on every front.
During cross-examination, the prosecution tried to discredit the defense witnesses by showing that they advocated violence and supported the Irish Republican Army.
The referral follows a search for evidence across the police service of similar behaviour to that which attempted to discredit the Lawrence family when they were the target of covert surveillance as they sought justice for their murdered son, West Yorkshire Police said.
There may be powerful people out to discredit Coun Stone.
No doubt a decision has been made by the establishment to try and discredit me.