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Synonyms for discoverable

capable of being ascertained or found out

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I am aware that it is so prominent as to be discoverable immediately.
The notion of murder was absurd: no motive was discoverable, the young couple being understood to dote on each other; and it was not unprecedented that an accidental slip of the foot should have brought these grave consequences.
Idle, vain, malicious, false--to know that Francine's character presented these faults, without any discoverable merits to set against them, was surely enough to justify a gloomy view of the prospect, if she succeeded in winning the position of Emily's friend.
His mind reverted to the commonplace patients and the discoverable maladies that were waiting for him, with a certain tender regret.
These reasons are so discoverable with a little reflection that it is not worth my while to set them out for you.
There were no eyewitnesses, and no trace was discoverable of the murderer.
This is simply on the ground that what Meinong calls the act in thinking is not empirically discoverable, or logically deducible from what we can observe.
Godfrey Ablewhite might, or might not, be discoverable somewhere in London.
The major characteristics discoverable by the stranger in Mr F.
Some basic procedural safeguards should be put in place to reduce the risk that evaluation materials will end up in the wrong hands or be discoverable in litigation.
In short, he argues that: Marx viewed nature as objectively real and discoverable by material activity; material activities are the use of natural properties to appropriate other natural properties; material activities can be accumulated over time and change humans' relation to nature and other humans; material activities can satisfy direct and indirect needs of people; social activities are used to satisfy class interests; social activities obscure the reality of material activities that appropriate material; and thus a means of determination is needed to critique social forms and discern reality as the material and the natural.
Not that it's discoverable, but what is Obama's motivation in cutting a deal with the Iranian leadership when there's a significant revolution underway?
Cohen also said in an official Google News Blog post that the company will continue to work with publishers to refine its methods for making subscription content discoverable via Google.
Well, apparently some folks "forget" from time to time that information in e-mails, memorandums, and other documents is discoverable in litigation and may be the basis for large amounts of money changing hands.
eMag Solutions, LLC, an international provider of electronic discovery services and data management solutions, Atlanta, has announced the development of a technological breakthrough in accessing and restoring discoverable data directly from "virtual tape" created from a mainframe environment.