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in an impolite manner

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Scenario statement 10 loaded highest on factor 1 of the PS, "a student who treats faculty or other students discourteously (interrupting, horse laughing, bad mouthing, etc.
He is discourteously blunt, opinionated and is quick to scold his employees .
I am honored to have worn Iran's jersey more than 100 times, but was discourteously dismissed from the national team.
He has behaved discourteously and inappropriately and has added unnecessarily to the family's grief.
A third deals with her manager, who frequently speaks to her discourteously, by picturing him tipping over backward and falling out the window onto the parking lot below.
In these circumstances I do not understand how it could be claimed that I have acted discourteously.
I flew courtesy of Flybe who, discourteously, managed to lose my golf bag and clubs somewhere between Malaga and Birmingham.
In conclusion, I do recall that when I and other health service workers met Secretary of State Alan Milburn at Downing Street, a visit organised by Paul Keetch MP, all Mr Wiggin could do was to behave discourteously by hurling abuse from the sidelines.
Analyses showed that female observers reported significantly higher levels of anger, demoralization, fear and anxiety the more they observed other female employees being treated rudely and discourteously at work, in comparison to male employees.
My response was made to the S4C programme Y Byd ar Bedwar when they approached me to give an interview after the Englishman Lari Parc behaved so rudely and discourteously in my Post Office.
She did it to get her husband off the hook after he had been rather discourteously questioned by Chinese students who wouldn't have dared say boo to their own leaders but didn't think twice about grilling ours.
Trpceski gave two encores, the Brst discourteously unannounced (I think it was Mendelssohn), the second endearingly by a Macedonian compatriot.
That alderman went on, not only discourteously, but in a nasty and needlessly aggressive manner, to dispute the entire basis for the recommendation.
WHEN Mrs Thatcher stood down as Prime Minister towards the end of the year 1990 she did not go on an expensive farewell tour for some seven weeks, while discourteously keeping her replacement waiting.