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in an impolite manner

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Expressions of interest in providing funding or to incorporate the gardens into the work of Kirkley Hall College have been discourteously ignored.
In jeering Malvolio unsympathetically and discourteously we feel a simmering twitch in our sides with the constant reminder that our laughter ironically is self-directed.
Discourteously interrupting conversation between the three discredited men, she denigrates all them, inquiring, "An' what am I doin'?
This was the time when India offered Pakistan to abandon its claim over Hyderabad and India would leave Kashmir; but Liaquat Ali (Prime Minister of Pakistan) discourteously rejected that offer.
Finding the intrusion upon seclusion to have been minimal and also that "the petitioner was not treated discourteously during the search," (274) the Court held that no unreasonable search and seizure had occurred.
Pyongyang's official Korean Central News Agency, monitored in Beijing, cited a communique issued by its delegation to the two-day talks at the truce village of Panmunjeom as saying the South Korean delegation refused to compromise and treated it discourteously.
Feelings of disrespect are identified when the person perceives being ignored, disregarded, dismissed, insulted, and treated rudely or discourteously.
Winifred is not only contained into the patriarchal fold but also tainted with class snobbishness, as she changes her signature discourteously from "yours with true infection" (103) to "W.
Moreover, he and his colleagues were treated discourteously at times during their stay in the Union, once being excluded as "Asiatics" from a cinema, among other humiliating discriminations (PRO Sansom 1934).
At no time was I treated discourteously or without respect but being processed by the slick machine of a police custody unit is a decidedly undignified affair.
Given the uncertainty of his relationship to Britney he feels free to begin a new one with Rosie Rutledge the airline attendant who treated him so discourteously on his flight to Tampa.
On the PS scenario statement 10, "a student who treats faculty or other students discourteously (interrupting, horse laughing, bad mouthing, etc.
There were signs of patients being ignored and treated discourteously.
He is discourteously blunt, opinionated and is quick to scold his employees .
I am honored to have worn Iran's jersey more than 100 times, but was discourteously dismissed from the national team.