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But the consequence are not just limited to literature, it is conceivable that this linguistic nuance accounts in part for a discourser's relationship to the past, with a Russian discourser being the most confident of his past and closely attached to its message because of tense; in German, after the development of a past tense form of gid and narrated monologue (erlebte Rede), the past could be corrupted but still contain messages in eternal subjunctive gid that speak to readers in the present.
As such, German gravitates toward the relationships in Russian, with uncorrupted narration that gives the discoursers a firm basis for their opinion.
Both were fine Grecians, charming discoursers, eminent opiumtakers, magnificent dreamers and seers, large in their promises, and helpless in their failure of performance" (95).
Stevens said the dissent's view "would confer broad powers of censorship in the form of a `heckler's veto,' upon any opponent of indecent speech who might simply log on and inform the would-be discoursers that his 17-year-old child .
Beyond this, it is worth noting that the interplay and displacement involved in the substantial crossover in art/literary discourse and discoursers in Aotearoa warrants further exploration.