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The prevailing tone of the scant discourse about horror fiction is an amused derision that cuts both ways--at the chiller, for being what it is, at the discourser, for his interest in it.
Both were fine Grecians, charming discoursers, eminent opiumtakers, magnificent dreamers and seers, large in their promises, and helpless in their failure of performance" (95).
Stevens said the dissent's view "would confer broad powers of censorship in the form of a `heckler's veto,' upon any opponent of indecent speech who might simply log on and inform the would-be discoursers that his 17-year-old child .
Beyond this, it is worth noting that the interplay and displacement involved in the substantial crossover in art/literary discourse and discoursers in Aotearoa warrants further exploration.
The assumption with which he sets out on his task is that the notion of God's speech, though indirect, is to be understood as literal rather than metaphorical, and that God's participation in the community of discoursers is not, in general, deeply idiosyncratic (p.