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Synonyms for discourse

Synonyms for discourse

the faculty, act, or product of speaking

a formal, lengthy exposition of a topic

to engage in spoken exchange

Synonyms for discourse

extended verbal expression in speech or writing

an address of a religious nature (usually delivered during a church service)

an extended communication (often interactive) dealing with some particular topic

to consider or examine in speech or writing

talk at length and formally about a topic

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However, I desire you to remember the long discourses you have had with me, and the many hours' pains you have taken to persuade me to believe myself an honest woman; that I was your wife intentionally, though not in the eyes of the world, and that it was as effectual a marriage that had passed between us as is we had been publicly wedded by the parson of the parish.
I had a great many discourses with them about their circumstances when they were among the savages.
In the second chapter (Social Relations), the author develops a model of social relations in Russia, in which the political discourse that is to be investigated is embedded.
This book purports to offer an analysis of the Quebec state's discourse on racism and anti-racism, as well as the position adopted by a few NGOs and citizens who submitted briefs to the 2006 public consultation on the government policy project designed to fight against racism.
Discourse analysis can be used to understand and interpret culturally
An ancillary argument is that languages without transposition potentially allow the authorial narrator (hereafter: commenting narrator) and characters to discourse equally on the narration and be certain about the source of that narration.
Whereas civic republican discourse values the common good of political communities, political liberalism envisions a more limited political arena, with greater focus on procedures that would ensure fair, inclusive deliberation about governance and policy" (p.
In each case I am going to ask what role the discourse, the population or the institution plays within the city, or how we can use these concepts to map the role of religion within the city as a whole.
Simone Muller: Discourse Markers in Native and Non-Native English Discourse.
We develop a qualitative analysis of asynchronous forum of several e-learning courses identifying sequences or moves of teaching discourse.
As such they have dominated (whether we critics have been conscious of it or not) the substance of architectural discourse for the modern period.
They contend that indigenization is a transition from an importing stage to one of authentication, by which a domestic discourse of social work is built "in light of the social, cultural, political and economic characteristics of a particular country" (Walton & Abo El Nasr, 1988, p.
2) This "Endnote" offers a perspective of a Muslim who has been part of that international discussion for over a decade and who has closely watched, analyzed, and discussed this discourse with many Muslim, Christian, and Jewish participants.
Although Desan uses discourse, especially regarding the construction of gender, she remains committed to social history, in order to explore behaviors.
Through a comparison of these cases, they evaluate how the contests between the dominant discourse of ecological modernization and other discourses provided by subaltern environmental groups get written into policy.