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in a discouraging manner

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The answer is discouragingly simple: to avoid paying U.
His weak and passive rhetorical reaction to the beheading of American journalist James Foley was a discouragingly missed opportunity.
This evidence is consistent with the model's suggestion that the demand curve may well be discouragingly steep when interest rates are very low.
Romance and creative projects could fizzle out discouragingly.
As Plant points out, Friedan's portrayal of "American mothers as parasitical and pathological" alienated countless middle-class women for whom "her expose of suburban domesticity read less like a groundbreaking feminist manifesto than a discouragingly familiar assault on mothers and house: wives.
6) Or, as David Lonsdale discouragingly puts it, we are supposed to be able to find "that small corner of the immense celestial blueprint" that pertains to us.
Discouragingly, the engagement camp is small, consisting mainly of intellectuals.
The reasons why women watch less TV, read fewer newspapers and listen to less radio programmes in many countries than men could include the discouragingly male bias of much media content, less leisure time because of the greater unpaid work undertaken by women in the home and persistent social norms and expectations inherited from the past.
Agricultural growth, however, has fallen short of its potential over the last 20 years, with per capita rates of growth discouragingly slow.
Discouragingly, though, new car registrations sank to an all-time low in January, the 16th month of decline.
Most discouragingly, though, was this fact: The higher patients rated the quality of their communication with their physicians, the less likely they were to know the truth.
He started, if not as a rank outsider, at discouragingly long odds but managed, in spite of everything, to get his nose in front against a field of rather mediocre quality.
A 2009 literature review found discouragingly little evidence to guide treatment of combat veterans with polytrauma and chronic pain, noting that the available treatment studies were either case reports or small case series [132].
It would probably be possible to eliminate discouragingly low grades in STEM, and boost student retention, by having all colleges and universities mandate a "median grade" across all classes, majors, or colleges.