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Synonyms for discouraging

Antonyms for discouraging

depriving of confidence or hope or enthusiasm and hence often deterring action

expressing disapproval

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Discouraging any media campaign that would impede the management of conflict or relations in their return to a normal state
The practice often has a deleterious effect markets in developing countries, overpowering local producers or discouraging expanded agricultural development.
17% of survey respondents viewing this factor as discouraging.
What takes the matter from sheer sloppiness to possible discouraging fraud is when the fund ignores its policies and actively facilitates market timing, often for a quid pro quo.
At a time when the Government needs to encourage private pension provision, the results are discouraging.
Some activists, such as Bernard McFall, say the detentions have had a chilling effect on their activism, discouraging them from protesting in front of the Israeli consulate.
Then, how effective design elements or any other measures are at discouraging elopement depends on several factors.
NEW YORK-Rising unemployment and a discouraging job outlook weighed down on U.
I find it appalling and believe it to be a disgrace and quite discouraging to see a black man displayed in such a demeaning manner.
What if they had a legal weapon they could turn against parents discouraging their children from consuming pornography, or seeking sexual liaisons with adults?
I am sure there are many ways across the country, but all I could think of is that in my city, Toronto, as a means of discouraging young men from "swarming" in malls and subway stations, we play classical music.
Are you inadvertently encouraging dependencies or discouraging independence?
Rather than have this particular chapter end on a note that may be discouraging to readers, particularly new counselors, Kottler includes steps professionals can take to protect themselves from burnout and from feeling discouraged in the helping process.
The results indicate that Appalachian students had been exposed to discouraging messages regarding the pursuit of higher education.
Discouraging divorce, preferably by discouraging ill-advised marriages in the first place, need not be confused with promoting religion, any more than discouraging theft and murder is confused with promoting the Ten Commandments.