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  • verb

Synonyms for discourage

Synonyms for discourage

to make less hopeful or enthusiastic

to persuade (a person) not to do something

Synonyms for discourage

try to prevent


Related Words

admonish or counsel in terms of someone's behavior

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The people involved in this business are so influential that many governments would never support initiatives against this social evil, he said, adding that media can play its role in creating awareness against forgery and substandard products which will safeguard consumers, propel businesses and discourage cheaters.
yesterday endorsed the passage of the Minimum Cigarette Price (MCP) bill, saying the measure will stifle the cigarette price war and discourage the youth from smoking.
1 : to make less determined, hopeful, or confident <Yet another failed attempt didn't discourage him.
The convention usually discourages courts from looking at the merits of the case
This discourages all but the most literate, knowledgeable, and motivated of businesses from challenging the process.
It encourages the politically correct to denigrate things like racism, sexism, homophobia, and environmental degradation, but discourages others from denigrating things like sodomy, fornication, illegitimacy, and economic dependency.
An obsession with interstate relations--the "Grand Chessboard" of Zbigniew Brzezinski's phrase--among the Realists tends to discourage attention to the internal dynamics of other states, while a patriotism sometimes tending to chauvinist nationalism discourages attention to the domestic roots and moral ambiguities of U.
Jolley, asked about whether the Convention forbids spanking, replied: "There are some people, I think, that want to maintain the right of being able to beat their children, which the Convention discourages.
The current structure discourages retirement savings since the employer is, in effect, penalized for encouraging increased retirement savings.
FDA's current labeling for irradiated foods discourages the use of a technology that could deliver safer and better quality food to consumers, it said.
At a time when Utah and other states are fiercely competing for new jobs and business investments, the legislature has built a wall that actively discourages business relocation.
Finally, excessive legal liability exposure discourages management from reporting new information and auditors from attesting to it.
Heading the list of problems that the panel found threatening the quality of academic research are: obsolete research equipment, aging facilities, a shortage of faculty in many critical fields, burdensome accounting procedures that may today consume a third of a principal researcher's time, research-contract administration that discourages innovation, and declining university enrollments in science, math and engineering.
3 to Rights Agreement also discourages existing holders of 4.
The convention actively discourages the courts from looking at the merits of the case