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  • verb

Synonyms for discourage

Synonyms for discourage

to make less hopeful or enthusiastic

to persuade (a person) not to do something

Synonyms for discourage

try to prevent


Related Words

admonish or counsel in terms of someone's behavior

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They observed that in such sober environments, where the grumpiest is crowned king and lighthearted play is frowned upon, the risk of being judged as non-serious by colleagues or superiors was a formidable discourager of play.
Research on the prevention of mental illness shows the importance of courage, optimism, hope, faith, among other strengths, which act as a discourager of mental illness.
Stress is that element which, depending on the type, quantity, and duration, can either act as an encourager or a discourager (See Selye et al.
Stockton wrote another story that was supposed to solve the puzzle, The Discourager of Hesitancy (The Century, July 1887), but it also left the query still hanging.
Stockton wrote another story supposed to solve the puzzle, "The Discourager of Hesitancy " (1887), but it also cleverly left the query unanswered.