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  • verb

Synonyms for discourage

Synonyms for discourage

to make less hopeful or enthusiastic

to persuade (a person) not to do something

Synonyms for discourage

try to prevent


Related Words

admonish or counsel in terms of someone's behavior

References in classic literature ?
The young girl's extreme reserve did not at first discourage suitors; but at the end of a few years, they tired of their quest.
How effective are such strategies as "disguising" exit doors to discourage residents from using them to go outside?
An obsession with interstate relations--the "Grand Chessboard" of Zbigniew Brzezinski's phrase--among the Realists tends to discourage attention to the internal dynamics of other states, while a patriotism sometimes tending to chauvinist nationalism discourages attention to the domestic roots and moral ambiguities of U.
Images like these merely serve to discourage them, as [O'Neal's] endorsements were not earned through academic efforts, strength of mind, or business savvy.
Although stiffer and more targeted civil penalties that insurance would not cover can work to help discourage unethical behavior, I'm not convinced civil penalties alone will get the job done.
Congress and the IRS felt confident that the new amendments were sufficiently stringent to discourage individuals from relinquishing citizenship or residency to avoid U.
For many years, mutual funds themselves have recognized their capacity for ripping off the little guy, and they have tried, with more or less diligence, to discourage the practice.
However, allegations have been made that some brokerages and mutual funds have publicly stated that they discourage market timing, but then have turned around and actually assisted larger clients, including hedge funds, time the markets.
One reason seems to be to discourage too many people from using the tunnels.
Article 14 asserts that the child's "freedom of thought, conscience and religion" must be recognized, which -- as applied in the home -- has troubling implications for parents desiring to pass their religious convictions on to their young (or, for that matter, for parents seeking to discourage involvement in the occult).
MIDWIVES have accused doctors of telling scare stories to discourage women from giving birth at home.
Certainly because it has been proven to discourage and repel groups of youth.
Although I would never discourage staff members from paging me, many of the decisions and crises were things they could have dealt with themselves.