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Synonyms for discount

Synonyms for discount

to take away (a quantity) from another quantity

an amount deducted

Synonyms for discount

the act of reducing the selling price of merchandise

interest on an annual basis deducted in advance on a loan

a refund of some fraction of the amount paid


Related Words

an amount or percentage deducted

give a reduction in price on

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Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts.
Discounts through the Medicare cards are likely to be better for generics than for patent-monopoly drugs.
The discount applies to all vehicles insured under the policy when at least one household resident belongs to a qualifying group.
According to the taxpayer's expert, the discount was 58.
There was no accession to wealth when Westpac received the money, just an increase in cash assets offset by an equal liability for the advance trade discounts.
The discount rate is normally determined using benchmarks derived from public market data.
TEI members with questions about the RIA discounts under the affinity program should contact their field sales force agent.
Those burdens imposed by the FLP--the fact that the partnership interest is not as marketable as its underlying asset--account for the valuation discount.
Cardenas said he was alarmed to learn that the DWP is losing out on potentially millions of dollars in discounts for many contracts at a time when the utility is seeking an 18 percent increase in water rates over two years.
Minimum discounted rates of 50% off transportation services are available for members moving to another state, with 2% in excess of the discount contributed to the DAV for programs benefiting disabled veterans and their families.
Students and their families who had the ability to pay for higher education didn't necessarily have the willingness to pay for it, and many colleges and universities dug deeper for discounts to continue attracting these students.
Discounts are available to you and your employees on a variety of theme parks and attractions, such as: Universal Studios, Knotts Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain and more.
Pharmacists oppose the plan, fearing that the discounts will be passed on to the pharmacies or the consumer in price hikes in other areas.
In an attempt to attract and retain members, health insurers are beginning to offer coverage or discounts for services that traditionally have not been covered.
The OIG said it believed that there was a connection between the discount and referrals of other federal healthcare program business, and stated, "Both parties have obvious motives for agreeing to trade discounts on PPS business for referrals of non-PPS business: the SNFs to minimize risk of losses under the PPS system and Ambulance Company X to secure business in a highly competitive market.