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Synonyms for discount

Synonyms for discount

to take away (a quantity) from another quantity

an amount deducted

Synonyms for discount

the act of reducing the selling price of merchandise

interest on an annual basis deducted in advance on a loan

a refund of some fraction of the amount paid


Related Words

an amount or percentage deducted

give a reduction in price on

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It's a priority for us to recruit and retain more women and minorities; we believe our new employee-focused programs that Sarah is helping to create, roll out and enhance will make Tire Discounters the preferred employer within the industry.
Growing numbers of food and household goods companies are seeing the discount channel as an opportunity, encouraged by the impressive growth and the high volumes that discounters are capable of delivering
The Carrefour Discount range launched in France in April 2009 and supported by a large TV advertising campaign was a success, and contributed to improve Carrefour's price image during the second half of the year, helping to stem the popularity of discounters.
Matsushita, which has conducted business transactions with a total of 20,000 domestic shops specializing in Matsushita products, has allegedly sought to protect such small shops from competition from discounters.
Although few discounters have in-house analysts, most will send investors research materials from sources such as Standard & Poor's, Value Line, Bloomberg and Morningstar.
Tire Discounters new headquarters will be located in the core of downtown Cincinnati at One East 4[sup.
The latest data from Kantar Worldpanel shows Aldi, Lidl and Iceland all racked up double-digit sales growth in tin past three months, and fellow discounter Farmfoods wasn't far behind with growth of 7.
It's a discounter, but it's a chic discounter,'' said Jack Kyser, chief economist for the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp.
The rise in thread counts at the big mass merchants is seen by some as a threat to the department store chains, which in the past exited some product categories that the had discounters entered.
New discounters include M&D Leisure - Scotland's Theme Park in Strathclyde park, where you get 50 per cent off an unlimited ride ticket or pounds 5 worth of free ride tokens when you show your card and purchase pounds 10 worth of tokens.
Many of New York's newest retail tenants are either discounters or better clothing stores, both of which have fared well despite the recession.
com/research/531938/european_top_10_hy) has announced the addition of iCD Research's new report "European Top 10 Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Discounters - Company Benchmarking Analysis Report" to their offering.
The class action lawsuit was filed by Demera Gaskins as a counterclaim in a small claims matter that USA Discounters had initiated against Ms.
The latest data from Kantar Worldpanel showed discounters Aldi and Lidl secured a bigger slice of the supermarket sector in the 12 weeks to January 23, each posting near 10% sales growth amid a consumer drive to save cash.