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Synonyms for discountenance

to have or express an unfavorable opinion of

to cause (a person) to be self-consciously distressed

Words related to discountenance

look with disfavor on

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show disapproval by discouraging

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The Anglican Communion first addressed contraception at the 1908 Lambeth Conference: "The Conference regards with alarm the growing practice of the artificial restriction of the family, and earnestly calls upon all Christian people to discountenance the use of all artificial means
The business of Plays is to recommend Virtue, and discountenance Vice; To shew the Uncertainty of Humane Greatness, the sudain Turns of Fate, and the Unhappy Conclusions of Violence and Injustice: 'Tis to expose the Singularities of Pride and Fancy, to make Folly and Falsehood contemptible, and to bring every Thing that is Ill Under Infamy, and Neglect.
There never was a greater mistake than that some of the Democratic leaders are making, in trying to screen Brooks, and to discountenance 'indignation meetings.
I will abstain from all alcoholic liquor and discountenance all the causes and practices of intemperance.
Where a man in any station had given satisfactory evidence of his fitness for it, a new president would be restrained from attempting a change, in favour of a person more agreeable to him, by the apprehension that the discountenance of the senate might frustrate the attempt, and bring some degree of discredit upon himself.
The missionaries, to be sure, had good reasons to discountenance Korean nationalism.
To discountenance public seminaries of learning is not an agreeable undertaking but while they are thus perverted, they ought not to be supported.
To discountenance this claim, he cites various "explanatory systems" that he says are not "evolutionary.
Was it not enough to disturbe the common peace, to alienate the hearts of the Commons, to stirre up a restles and factious Rebell, to muster out a league of mutinous and riotous conspirators, to discountenance and overbeare a lawfull king, to weaken, to disauthorize, and last of al most furiously to murder him, but presently they which stand in the gate must laugh at it, the drunkards make songs of it, and thou thy selfe Sixtus like a parasite upon a stage applaudest unto it?
The law, however, does not look to the degree of utility; it simply requires, that it shall be capable of use, and that the use is such as sound morals and policy do not discountenance or prohibit.
of purpose to disgrace and discountenance him'," and, the report continues, "On many occasions since, Clipsam has left the church when Blabie has got up to preach, 'to the pernicious example of the parishioners'.
We would discountenance anything like embodying an army, large or small, on this side of the line, to levy war against the British authority in the Canadas.
concurring) ("I do not, however, find it necessary or appropriate to consider the legal status of the Korean enterprise to discountenance argument based on it.