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a sales outlet offering goods at a discounted price

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Walmart, meanwhile, continues to convert most of its extant discount stores to Supercenters.
launched the first outlet of its discount store chain ''Acolle'' in Tokyo's Nerima Ward on Sept.
Station officer Paul Klosowicz, of Wolverhampton fire station, said smoke damage was caused to both the discount store and Tribe Menswear on the other side of the cafe, where clothing stocks were damaged in the previous April 1 fire at Orbital Computers next door.
Littlewoods discount stores pride themselves on an excellent staff training programme, competitive rates of pay and a commitment to providing jobs for local people.
It appears to be more successful in getting certain customer segments to cross-shop between typical discount store categories (e.
Many consumers are aware of retailers' aggressive sales promotions across all store types, but Discount stores are reaping the most benefits.
With it becoming clearer that the growing number of discount stores popping up across the country would threaten their business, Sam Walton felt the best strategic move would be to get into the discounting game.
However, discount store pharmacy sales grew at almost triple the rate of chain drug pharmacy sales--3.
But the pan-European survey, by HI Europe, found one-third of British shoppers have yet to go into a discount store and only 13% say they are "extremely likely" to visit in the future.
Most recently the street level storefront was occupied by BD's, a beauty and discount store.
It looks like the former Big K-Mart, or at least part of it, will become a Big Lots discount store.
has opened its fourth Pathmark Super Drug Discount store.
The Centereach store was big for a Walmart discount store, measuring 152,000 square feet.
Five of the top 50 pharmacy chains by dollar volume are discount store operators (six, if warehouse club operator Costco Wholesale Corp.
It presents itself like a discount store, which they are not.