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a sales outlet offering goods at a discounted price

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Nigeria-based Associated Discount House Limited (ADH) has announced that it has secured a merchant banking license.
Wal-Mart and other big discount houses sometimes seem unbeatable to small-town rural stores.
The company was the first Discount House in the private sector, established on May 3, 1991 in Pakistan, by the Prudential Capital Management Ltd.
A new cartridge can cost as much as $130 to $140 or as low as $95, especially if purchased from a volume discount house.
Main Street, door found ajar at Discount House of Wallpaper.
Captain Hornby then compared the EdenPURE(TM) to a portable electric coil space heater similar to those usually available at a local discount house or department store.
Closing down the money market operations of the discount house Gerrard & King released pounds 60 million of capital, Mr Levett added.
Maybank's other subsidiaries include a discount house, securities firm, a life insurer and a merchant bank.
When was the last time you saw the clerk of a discount house fletching arrows?
Unity Bank had also disposed of its ventures in Knight Rook Limited (25%); Kakawa Discount House Limited (6%); FSDH (8%); ICHL Nigeria Limited (15%); and NIBBS (4%).
Depot Flooring, Clinton; honorable mention, Discount House of Wallpaper, Clinton, and Gray's Carpet Center, Northboro.
Prior to joining Sappi he was Group Treasurer at Anglo American, Managing Director of Discount House Merchant Bank and previously Head of the Corporate Finance Division of Senbank.
Although more than 50 per cent of the executives questioned agreed that late payment was a problem, only two per cent offered discounts for early settlement, 17 per cent charged interest for late payment, and 14 per cent used a factoring or invoice discount house.
He was also involved in founding the country's first merchant bank and discount house - which effectively established a money market in South Africa.
Nigeria-based First Securities Discount House Limited has launched merchant banking operations.