discount house

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a sales outlet offering goods at a discounted price

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Nigeria-based Associated Discount House Limited (ADH) has announced that it has secured a merchant banking license.
27 September 2010 - Nigerian rating service Agusto said on Friday it has assigned an A rating to local financial services firm First Securities Discount House Limited.
Follow locals to Daffy's Discount House (125 East 57th St).
A large national discount house was recently sued for exactly this same activity.
Modern blanket making is generally completed with material bought at a local fabric store or discount house.
Anyone can walk into any big discount house and buy furniture, a major appliance, window coverings, you name it.
That is what Rangers paid for Neil McCann and I don't think Hearts should be seen as a bargain discount house.
The company was the first Discount House in the private sector, established on May 3, 1991 in Pakistan, by the Prudential Capital Management Ltd.
A new cartridge can cost as much as $130 to $140 or as low as $95, especially if purchased from a volume discount house.
Expanding its operations, a financial services group, InvestmentOne Financial Services Limited, has acquired Kakawa Asset Management Ltd (KAML), an ex-subsidiary of Kakawa Discount House Limited.
The banking sector is comprised of 9 commercial banks, 4 microfinance banks, one development bank, one cooperative bank, one discount house and one mortgage bank.
Main Street, door found ajar at Discount House of Wallpaper.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-25 March 2010-GCR removes Kakawa Discount House from "positive" outlook(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Caldor had its start in 1951, when newlyweds Carl and Dorothy Bennett opened what was then known as a discount house.