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the business of selling merchandise at a discount

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American Airlines has announced that it is to discount Business Class fares to dozens of Latin America, Caribbean and Mexican destinations from selected US cities.
EarthLink, which recently got into the discount business by buying PeoplePC, dropped 7.
Joe Veiga, owner of Moose Cleaners, said he likes the business plan of operating a discount business.
Predictions of peak occupancy days, cancellations, no-shows, and stay-throughs enable managers to adjust room rates and manage both lengths of stay and discount business.
The first six, serving discount and retail customers including Medicare, collectively record a 23% profit on Medicare, a 27% profit on other retail customers, and a 4% loss on discount business.
This discount business model is supported by the region's steady proliferation of e-commerce, which grew 30% last year alone.
The Brooklyn based company, known for its exceptional concierge style customer service, sells discount business and first class airfares and is a premium airfare consolidator to travel agents.
Elevated fare levels have encountered strong resistance and carriers have been forced to discount business class fares to avoid empty premium class cabins.
The law must be changed to allow councils to discount business rates in their areas, with the Government hoping the measure will come into effect from April 2012.
It owns a discount business in Japan and has discount concepts in Europe.
Two years ago, before he more or less took a year off to establish his new golf discount business in Wolverhampton and to nurse a damaged wrist, Higgins came second in the Nigerian.
Stephens says he wasn't surprised by losing the NationsBank discount business, though he does think it was a bad decision on the part of the Charlotte, N.
In May 2011 Carrefour filed a plan with the Spanish regulator to spin off its European discount business Dia subsidiary in a stock market listing in Madrid that could value the unit at EUR4bn.
com Explains the New "EasyUp" Fare Category - Up to 74% Drop In Discount Business Class and First Class Airfares
Our Discount business operating under the Food Basics banner is also realizing tremendous growth in both top and bottom line.